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Jardan Perth showroom featuring unique terrazzo floor and curved dining table setting

Welcoming Australian furniture company Jardan to Perth with the opening of their new showroom. Modernist hand-made furniture with a sustainable focus.

Jardan furniture showroom Perth sideboard and lighting
Jardan showroom coffee table and vase decor


Earlier this month, I went along to the opening of the new Jardan Perth showroom. The Australian furniture company specialises in creating modernist furniture, lighting, and homewares with a focus on sustainability. Known for their stunning Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney showrooms (even used as an MBFWA venue). I am so excited to see them open here in Perth. 

Walking into the Peppermint Grove showroom, it did not disappoint. Housed in a thoughtfully adapted sandstone building on Stirling Highway, the space was designed by architect Iva Foschia of IF Architects. Inspired by the west-coast lifestyle, the showroom is filled with the colours, shapes, and patterns native to Western Australia. It made me think of wildflowers, pink salt lakes, the rich vibrant colours of Broome. Not to mention drawn-out sunsets along the sun-worn coast. We are so lucky here with those. From Perth? You know what I’m talking about.

Setting the tone, a floor of swirling terrazzo in varying sizes leads the eye across the open showroom. Creating hints of colour and warmth. Laid out with home-like rooms, the mood is inviting, encouraging you to wander and explore. 

low-slung textured sofa and travertine coffee table at the Jardan Perth showroom
modernist textured pink armchair from Jardan
Dinosaur Designs serving dishes and bowls


As an Australian family-owned furniture business in operation since 1987, every Jardan piece is crafted to order in Melbourne. Made with care and precision, by hand. The Jardan design team takes inspiration from the relaxed, Australian way of life; expressing contemporary ideas through quality materials. Jardan at its core, strive to reduce their environmental footprint. They make products sustainable throughout the entire lifecycle. How? By using quality local materials, reducing waste, and making furniture that truly lasts. 

As you may have come to notice, I am all about shopping mindfully! Across every aspect- be it fashion, beauty, or for the home. Naturally, this was music to my ears. Seriously, can this be more common, please? I’d love more brands to adopt these principles.

The Perth showroom features some of the company’s modernist-inspired pieces. Contemporary tables, modular sofas, textured armchairs, curved sideboards, lighting, homewares, and rugs. Jardan brings its products together with a curation of select pieces from local and international artists. 

Personally, I felt drawn to the welcoming low-slung sofas and arm-chairs. Along with the uniquely patterned rugs in muted, soft tones. The bedroom setting stuck joy with a turmeric linen bed setting, perfect in a coastal WA home. Yes, heaven.

turmeric linen bed setting
Chillpill vases and Dinosaur Designs bowls and serving spoons
bedroom linen mustard colour inspiration from Australian furniture company Jardan
Jardan Perth furniture store featuring terrazzo flooring and minimal furnishings
orchid floral display on timber coffee table at Jardan showroom
patterned rugs and curved armchairs at Jardan showroom


Furnishing your home with beautiful, hand-crafted pieces is not lost on me. Thoughtful design and made to last is essential. Our (rented) apartment has a mix of designer and straight-up Ikea furniture. Gotta love it in all it’s flat-packed it-does-the-job glory! Finding forever items is slowly becoming more important. I appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication to beautiful materials.

The Jardan pieces feel both modern and suited to Australian homes. Be it a softly curved sofa, or unique rug, these pieces would be a dream addition to a modern home. Naturally, my wish list is looking long! Have you just created one too?

vase details at the Jardan Perth showroom
curved low-slung sofa in Jardan Perth store
vase and lighting details at home furnishings store Jardan
ratan coffee table and seat with Dinosaur Designs horn vase


What has caught your eye? I got quite snap happy on my visit, there were so many pieces to adore. What is your home like? I’d love to learn, as I continue this series of home decor and interiors blog posts.

Do you invest in furniture that is built to last? Or are you staring at flat-pack jobs too? I don’t mind a bit of both. But maybe one day I’ll set up my more of a forever or long term home. That’s something to look forward to. For now, I’m generating ideas, that’s for sure.

Jardan outdoor seat and table setting
Interior design and decor ideas from Australian company Jardan


Want a further sneak peek into my apartment? Go on, you know you want to! If you missed my previous interiors posts, please check them out linked below. And if you came to my blog via Pinterest after spotting my beautiful boucle armchair, hi! Thanks for joining us. I’d say you are not alone, that chair is getting pinned a heck of a lot. Read the full story here.

As for what I wore to the opening event? I was going to include that here, but this post is long! You understand! I’ll share the outfit details for you in my next blog post. Here is a sneak peek. Somehow I managed to channel some of those yellow mustard tones. And yes, it has lead me to consider adding that bed cover set to my bedroom this summer. Watch this space! And, thanks for joining me on this virtual tour. Fun wasn’t it! Let me know below what caught your eye the most! We may have the same idea!

garden party outfit idea that I wore to the Jardan Perth store opening


Photographed by Jenelle Witty.

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