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Took a break and this is what happened! January and the lazy pursuit of inspiration including a new video and all!

I’m baaaack!! It has been the looongest time, I had started to get messages and even phone calls to ask if I was okay. So sweet! This was one of the first long breaks I have actually taken from blogging in years. Rather than keep posting up here two to three times a week over the Christmas and New Year period I decided to slow things down.

Actually, I was probably ordered by a few people to please take a break Jenelle!” haha. Friends, it did me a world of good. Rather than keep my social pages and Inspiring Wit updated, I made the most of the downtime which the rest of the world was taking and switched off. Mostly. Admittedly, I have been working here and there, but not to any strict deadlines and mostly in a partially reflective, partially aspirational way.

This year, I am feeling the shift back to the good old down to earth personal publishing on both blogs and social media. While I love making semi editorial content for you guys (though, honestly, I keep my outfit shoots largely approachable), I am feeling more personal and chatty. Expect me to share a little more of the diary style ‘what I have been up to lately’ posts with some more of the everyday stuff like where I have been eating out at, the books I am reading and the silly stuff that I don’t tend to share. A little less curated. Aka you may catch an occasional cheesy toothy grin like the one below, among other things.


I know I say this every January, but I have been working more on video content. Okay, you heard that last year and got one vlog!! Sorry about that. I filmed content for the next six months but didn’t share it. Recently, I chatted with uber cute Melbourne blogger Cheryl Law who you can find on Instagram here, about making videos. I’d mentioned that despite making them, I end up picking apart my videos and thinking they weren’t good enough to share. Cheryl’s response was “JUST POST IT! Get it out there and keep going.” This sentiment is the same that I hear from Mario, our friend Carlos and many others. So, today I am sharing one of the little videos I filmed in August. (AKA six months ago!!) You can find it below and over on our YouTube channel Inspiring Wit TV in better resolution.

This video is an unboxing/ share video of the fashion, beauty and shoes that had arrived that week. I am not convinced that unboxing videos or hauls are the bee’s knees, I don’t want people to get the impression that I am just showing off all the cool stuff I get. Sometimes I watch these videos and feel a bit grossed out. There! I said it! Some of those videos make me feel like it is all a bit flashy, or that I can’t imagine how one person could ever appreciate or use all of those products. My guess is they are probably like me and try things, keep what they will use and pass the rest on to friends.


This morning I had a meeting with a friend to plan a clothing sale. I have at last count 8 HUGE stuffed bags full of new clothes to sell. I donate a lot away, but these are pieces I have been kindly sent or bought which didn’t fit me. This happens about 70% of the time. I am sooOOoooo fortunate to work with brands I LOVE and be sent samples to share with you. But, largely, I don’t keep much, not beyond six months.

The plan is to maybe gather fellow bloggers and host a sale, for which I’ll charge a tiny amount for pieces that are new, and retail for a heck of a lot more. I need them out of my apartment and any small amount of money I make back can help out with my freelance income (which can be great some months, and very slow at others).

January swimwear beach days Inspiring Wit in Bohemian Traders swim suit off the shoulder


Pictured in this post I have a few random photos of my past few weeks. There’s beach days and the awkward tan lines that are making people do double takes across my arms. See some 90’s nostalgia exploring Fremantle, which is largely stuck in a 90’s time warp. I decided my new backless yellow 90’s dress was the perfect look for a day of wandering and checking out the new Kuld Ice-creamery store. (They do vegan ice-cream, some are gluten free and all are YUMMY!).

Next week I will go further into the books I am reading, after my Book Depository order came. I have been reading a LOT over the past few weeks and have already made my way through some of these. We picked up a new lens in the new year sales for our Olympus OMD EM1 camera, which we have also been testing out. I LOVE this lens!!

As it is the new year, I have also been trying out some new wellness and beauty products that I am slowly sharing on Instagram but will round up next week with you.


And there you go! Last week I was thinking I should have a post to share with you, but sitting down to write it felt like SUCH A CHORE that I just couldn’t do it, man. Today, this dribble of words have flown out in a matter of undistracted minutes. Guess I really did need that extra time to unwind and feel the inspiration. Though given my namesake, I am thinking the inspiration is here, but the ‘wit’ is on its way. Haha.

What are you guys doing this January? Anything new or different? Taking time off? I’d love to hear about the things keeping you happy this month.



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