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Skincare, self-tanner, cute bags and jeans to rival my trusted Levi’s. It was a slow but productive start to 2020. Here are my January faves.


January went surprisingly slow. I know I’m not the only one thinking that because I’ve seen people making the same observation a lot over this past week.

In 2019 I shared a monthly ‘8 things I loved’ journal type of post and I want to do something similar again in 2020. Mainly it is a great way for me to break up the style, travel and beauty content while also reflecting on the month. I can share everything from products to experiences and odds and ends in between. So without further intro, find some of the faves below…

January Beauty Faves

The January beauty faves are mostly skincare based as I actually only wore makeup about five times. Even then, given it was hot, I switched out a traditional liquid foundation in favor of self-tanner and a little mineral powder. As such I am just going to share three products which really stood out to me and that I used the whole month.

Deciem– I was trialing a few products from Hylamide, one of the Deciem brands over the course of the month. My favourite of these being the Photography Foundation in DarkEither using it on its own or mixed with a moisturiser, this isn’t your typical foundation. It’s been specifically designed to reduce the look of pores and show up well on camera. Nano fractions of silica-based prisms create light confusion to reduce the looks of visible lines and pores immediately without looking like traditional makeup, while specifically creating a perfect backdrop to highlight facial features through the camera lens. It’s hydrating, creates a nice glow and I’ll keep using it.

Second, to this, I was equally impressed by the High-Efficiency Face Cleaner. It works like an oil cleanser to remove makeup but acts like a water-based one. I apply it on dry and rinse it off, then follow up with a second cleanse using the Kora Organics Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Elle Effect Self-tanner. I’d read a great deal about this one since it launched and finally got my hands on some to try late last year. The best part is the rose scent, as I am not at all a fan of the traditional self-tanner scent. The colour is natural, I’ve left it on with two coats all afternoon and evening to create a darker tan which lasted a week. Alternatively, I’ve tried one coat for six or so hours which looked lighter but still effective. I’m keen to see what other products come out in this line from Bondi based Elle Ferguson.

January Fashion Faves

I don’t have too many of these since I spent the large part of the month in my activewear. Those all being older pieces from Lululemon, P.E. Nation, Nike, and Grana. I’d say I’m happy with all of those brands for activewear options if you are on the hunt for any. I definitely put them through their paces as I’ve been doing workouts between 45 mins to 90 mins each day.

Rejina Pyo Nane Bag – This cute little bag kept coming up on my Instagram feed from the Korean-born, London-based label Rejina Pyo. When I saw the metallic version pop-up in the Shopbop sale, I decided to order one. It’s not an everyday bag by any means, but I always like finding cute accessories to make my more simple outfits exciting. Plus it’s cute for an occasion too and I have some of those coming up. The same style is made in all sorts of colours and textiles. I love the knotted top handle and slouchy fabric look.

Boden – these guys are on my mind because I’ve been wearing them for years now and have one of their knits on right now- yes, over my activewear! Plus I just got a delivery yesterday with two outfits worth of essentials that I can not wait to start wearing. I’ll be sharing them soon, since I’ve yet to shoot any photos. For now though, if you are looking for great denim, these straight jeans are purely perfect! Above, I am wearing my most loved Levi’s and I think this Boden pair is the first to compare with those.

The Rest Of The January Faves

Hmm, I got really into 1000 piece puzzles. As in, I lost a few days to being glued to them. But it was my downtime and I loved it.

Talking entertainment, I am sad that Anne With An E is over, particularly because I feel there was so much more they could do with it. With a #renewannewithane campaign going strong, I can see it meant a lot to so many people too. On the flip side, I enjoyed the final season more than the final season of Grace and Frankie. Though I love both, G&F just felt like it was playing it out in an unexciting way which I wasn’t expecting. I dare say it was time to wrap it up. Again, given it was all about downtime, I loved the second season of Sex Education and have started on Spinning Out. Of course, that one makes me want to get back to the ice rink!

Finally, since the Perth Fringe Festival is in full swing, I wanted to recommend the show L.I.A.R (Life is A Rehearsal). High-flying circus collides with outrageous comedy, serious skill and a little whimsy from the Strut & Fret production house who also brought us Blanc de Blanc and LIMBO. I loved this show!

Since I’ve been doing a lot more in the way of home workout videos, testing apps and so on, I think I’ll share a dedicated post to this soon. If you have any fave YouTube accounts for workout videos, let me know!


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