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The Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Adelaide is worth the visit for the architecture alone. Or possibly visiting the vaults below. Housed in an old bank building, this is something special. The meals are delicious too.


Located on the corner of King William Street and North Terrace in the historic Westpac Bank building, Jamie’s Italian is one of the most impressive dining spots in Adelaide. It is easy to imagine Cole Porter playing as you sit in this vast space- able to seat 175 guests, the architecture is as impressive (if not more so) than the meals. Although the line outside as the doors open each day is somewhat embarrassing, it is sweet to see Adelaide dinners embrace this space. (Honestly when I lived in Adelaide even the things I would not bother with elsewhere suddenly seemed more exciting- it is a beautiful town, but I have always felt that you must really get amongst it to feel the culture).

JAMIES_ITALIAN_07 JAMIES_ITALIAN_01 JAMIES_ITALIAN_13 While I have dined at Jamie Oliver resturants before (I love the guy, always have- my bookshelf will attest to that), this one has something extra special about it. The menu is the same as found across Australia- with decent prices, beautiful flavours and enough variety to suit all dinners.


JAMIES_ITALIAN_11For our lunch, we shared the fennel and orange salad (I have a thing for fennel- I know it is often associated with the side of the train tracks, but it just tastes so good!), crispy squid, polenta chips. I did try the three-way cannelloni (which I think I will order next time) some beautiful pasta- just try any, the menu is full of excellent options and finished up with the lemon meringue. I would go as far as to say that this was the best lemon meringue I have ever had. It was HUGE, delicious and super tangy.


I should mention- this was not at all a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the venue, as I often receive feedback from a lot of people that they know nothing about Adelaide. I am thinking of Adelaide even more at the moment with the horrible bushfires ongoing. I know that they are continuing to burn out of control as firefighters and volunteers are working to protect as many houses as they can. Friends and family have been packed for days, on alert, however, despite it coming as close as a few kilometers to their property, they have been safe thus far. I hope the weather will improve and things can change soon.

Jamie’s Italian is located in Adelaide at 2 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

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