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2C7A3981This is an unofficial welcome to Inspiring Wit, a new blog written by me, Jenelle Witty, formerly of Shut My Eyes Can’t Find The Break. On Inspiring Wit you will find more in the way of my inspirations, beauty reviews, personal style posts, coverage of events and fashion shows, brand collaborations as well as new content which I am really excited to share with you all soon.

The reason for the change? The former blog title was made up on the spot and proved to be cumbersome due to its length. As the blog grew so too has my commitment to the project, to working with brands and exploring various avenues for finding great fashion and beauty to share. I have conducted a bit of research to find out more about what my readers want to see, which will be reflected in Inspiring Wit.

I had a great time writing Shut My Eyes, had the good fortune of meeting lovely bloggers, photographers, PR agents, designers and of course my readers. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, read, commented and helped make Shut My Eyes over the past four years. As I continue to grow the new site and incorporate some of my other passions, I hope you will stick around. Trust me, I have listened to what you had to say, and have some really cool stuff to share with you! More of that will follow, as the site is currently being tweaked and developed to reflect how I have dreamed it to look and operate.

xx Jenelle

Image is taken from my campaign with Fine Jewelry brand Merrin & Gussy for the Syntony line. Photographed by Patrick Galbraith

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