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In my bag for ms mystery case

What I am packing in my bag for the day to day.

Just before the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival I was asked by Raychael of Agent Mystery Case to share what is in my bag for a sneaky giveaway. The participating bloggers all shot a flatlay for readers to guess which bag (and its contents) belonged to who. I am all too happy to finally reveal mine. You may recall my post about how to get ready for an event this image is a last reveal of what I am packing in my bag on the day.


  • Water (sometimes due to the size of said bag, this may actually be carried, but I must have water to keep hydrated and to refill).
  • Energy bars. If it will be a long day, I like to have a snack on hand to ensure I don’t feel faint (I have grown up with a tendency to faint often, so I have to make sure to take steps to combat this!)
  • My glasses (If I wear contacts, I like to have my glasses on hand just in case I need to swap)
  • Hair Ties
  • YSL Touch Eclat (for touch ups and to look awake at all times!)
  • Bold lip colour (I carry a MAC matte lipstick or Chanel to add colour if I look tired)
  • Spare memory cards (I am ALWAYS shooting photos and video)
  • My zip purse with cards, bandaids, coins, and business cards
  • Kora Organics Mists (it works like a toner, but I love to have them on hand as a refreshing mist)
  • Nail Polish (Chanel, OPI or Butter London are my brands of choice)
  • Jewellery in case I decide I actually do look underdressed (I’d rather be under than over! Always!)

The bag I am using a lot is the Givenchy Obsedia, which was my splurge for the year. I love it! If you have any brilliant things you carry around that I am missing out on I would love to hear it.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, now I must get back to my editing between loads of washing. (So unglamorous!) xx Jenelle

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