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The Iconic Sport Yoga

Ready to yoga? Or swim? Or run? Where to find the threads you need all in one spot.

reverse warrior yoga pose
Onzie and The Upside Yoga

Apparently I am all about yoga right now! Well, I am going a few times a week to classes that can be anything from an hour to around two, and I am quickly learning what does and does not work for me. (I have slipped out of downward dog enough times to know that my mat was just not cutting in and I needed something with better grip!). Every class presents a new move to try, a pose to hold longer and a stretch to sink deeper into. I am also learning what works for me in terms of the activewear I need to get through the classes (in particular the hot ones during our hot days!).

The Iconic recently launched their activewear and sports devoted site The Iconic Sport, which categorises different practices- such as yoga, running, swimming, training and so on making it easy to find the right items for your workout. There are also design edits such as printed activewear to keep you energised or monochrome for timeless classics. They have a lot of big and smaller brands to choose from, as well as footwear and accessories.

I thought I would give yoga brand out of LA Onzie a try (and I loved this blue and white print- anything blue and white gets me every time!) and I have to say that they are a good fit. Made from a quick-drying, free flowing fabric, they are good during a hot workout and fit very comfortably- the waist band is supportive, without digging in to the waist or hips.

I also picked up this sheer white oversized tank from one of my favourites The Upside as I am always needing tanks to throw over crops. (I must say I have my eye on almost everything The Upside has going on this season! Can I have it all!?!).

Onze and The Upside yoga wear
Onzie Leggings


photographed by: mario recchia

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