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In the lead up to the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival I thought I would share with you five of my planning tips to get show ready. These tips are transferable to getting ready for an event like a wedding, ball or big birthday party.


1. Make sure you are physically ready

I make sure in the weeks prior that I have booked and gotten myself along to the hairdresser to have my hair cut and coloured if need be, booked into get my eyebrows shaped, and later if need be to get my hair blow dried. The beauty of a good blowdry and style is that the look can last you a few days, so you really don’t have to waste time or stress over getting your hair right. I know for one that I feel a lot more put together if my hair is sitting just right.

Other pre-pamper tasks may include getting your nails painted (go for a shade which will carry across your various looks- and no, the “French manicure” is not chic at all). At the moment I am just so over the patterned, OTT cutesy, slogan dressing that has been seen at various fashion weeks for the past couple of years, so I am not partying up my nails. Keep it simple. Elegance never goes out of style.

Alison-Jade-BB-Cream,-Eye-Pencils2. Restock your Cosmetics

Make sure all of your cosmetics are stocked up. Ensure that you have a killer bold lip colour to wear to at least one event, that you have enough foundation and concealer to lighten dark under eye circles.

Exfoliate regularly, particularly the night prior to an event if you plan on taking photos. It will lift the dead skin cells, brighten your face and leave it smoother. Then tone and moisturise. Rose-hip oil is the best overnight treatment.

If need be watch Youtube tutorials and practice to get that eyeliner just right. If in doubt, forget about it. The cat-eye liner can look cool, but only when done right. It can really date your look- something to be mindful of if you are not into the ‘vintage’ thing. If it is not your strong suit, think like Elin Kling- cool Scandinavian and no mascara. That is fresh.

Shoes_Inspiring_Wit3. Outfit Plan & Fix

Work out how many events you are going to and make sure that you have outfits planned. If you need to buy a top to go with a great new skirt you bought to wear, find one with plenty of time to spare. And don’t waste a lot of your hard earned cash to buy an outfit for one event. You are smarter than that!

Think as a stylist would, pull as many looks as you need, try them on, snap a phone photo for reference, and save yourself time later worrying about having nothing to wear. Spend the time pre-event eating a snack, as you know it will go right through regular dinner hours.

If you are like me, my heels tend to need new stoppers oh every forth wear, so make sure you take them to the cobblers well in advance, even if you don’t think you will wear them. That one pair of over-worked black heels will be the exact thing you need when you least expect it, so make sure they are good to go.

Flannel_20124. Know Where To Go and Don’t Drink Too Much

It seems obvious, but any new event you go to that starts after work or anytime around peak hour (which always happens), is going to be a dash to get to. Shorten the stress by pre-working out where to go, where to park and plan your route. If you are out all night, it is worth also looking for a decent restaurant nearby to get dinner.

All events give you drinks; just make sure you have eaten prior to finishing off a few sparkling wines. You never know when you will get to meet someone who’s work you admire, you don’t want to leave a bad impression. I have seen countless events where young bloggers sip drinks on an empty stomach only to get sillier with their selfies as the night wears on. Again, keep it elegant, if you attend as media in particular, you represent your brand, and no one forgets drunken behaviour on a PR list. (Note: Riffling through a gift bag in public is also on the non-elegant list! Wait till you get home and be surprised with your gifts!)

Heart_Bleeker_Sass_Spice5. Check the Tech

Finally, charge your phone and camera batteries, clear your memory cards and do not forget your tickets!

Now, get out there and enjoy! Come see me on the runway on either Friday 19th at 10:00am or Sunday 21st at 12:30pm at Fashion Central. All events in the tent are free, start on time and seats are limited so get there on time and have fun! If you see me outside after the show, come and say hi, I would love to meet you.  xx

Photographs By: Heidy Saeran, Mario Recchia, Laura Liy and Jenelle Witty

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