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Why we chose a bed with storage

Tips on how to choose the perfect bed. The frame, the mattress and how to find your style for a peaceful and inviting bed setting.

our neutral bed for a chic minimal bedroom look


Of all the places we spend our time, our bed is perhaps one of the most important. Yep, in my opinion, the car is significantly less important. That said, I’m not much of a ‘car’ person. A ‘sleep’ person? I’m actually not the best at that either. But when it comes to it, we all know how important our sleep is. We spend SO much of our lives sleeping, recovering and regenerating. When it comes to choosing the right bed, it can be pretty confusing. There are a LOT of factors to keep in mind. After all, we aren’t likely to buy a new bed regularly, so it is a purchase that requires careful thought. I have a few pointers that helped when I was ready to level up our old bed setting. So, below, find all my tips on how to choose the perfect bed.

Our Brosa gas lift queen bed


Between mattress size, bed frame style, comfort and how you want your bedroom to look, there are plenty of points to consider. Most of us are limited by space, by budget and time. You want your perfect bed to be with you as long as possible. And, in this current climate, getting things made and or delivered takes longer than we have grown accustomed to. But, as with anything worth putting your energy into, in the long run, good things take time. Why rush to settle for the first bed you see when you can find the perfect one?


We have all had that less-than-fun experience of sleeping on a terrible mattress. On the flip side, if we are lucky, we have also experienced the effortless and peaceful sleep that comes with your perfect mattress. I say ‘your’ because I’ve discovered it isn’t always a one-fits-all situation. Far from it.

In my bedroom, we have the perfect example. I personally struggle with a hard mattress, while Mario doesn’t do well on anything too soft. Our mattress, which we have now had for a few years is custom, with my side being soft and Mario’s being hard. It cost us more but saved me constant back and hip pain, helped my insomnia and allowed Mario a better sleep without my bugging him. I still toss and turn a little, but get a decent night’s sleep for which I am so grateful.


To determine the correct mattress for us both, we spoke to our chiropractor, then went to have a mattress test. We had a friend recommend the bedMATCH® diagnostic system at Forty Winks. The bedMATCH® testbed has a built-in computer system and sensors that run over 1,000 scientific calculations across 18 statistical body measurements including your height, the width of your shoulders, hips and waist. 

Laying down on this mattress machine, it evaluated our personal perfect level of density for our mattress. I measured on the lightest end of the scale, while Mario measured just under the hardest level. The compromise suggested was to meet in the middle. This was still far too hard for me and was closer to the mattress we had been living with in recent years. The second option was to have one side made up to suit me and the other to suit Mario. It helped take a lot of the confusion of finding the right mattress, regardless of whether we decided to go for a split mattress or a regular one. Not everyone will need this of course, but I thought I’d share all the same. Testing out the mattress that feels just right for you is a vital step!

Jenelle laying on the perfect bed
Jenelle in navy dress on a neutral linen bed


When we moved in together, I was relocating from interstate and didn’t have my own furniture to bring to the house. Mario, who had been less nomadic than me, lived with his family. His mum had kindly bought him a bedroom setting many years earlier. Rather than go out and buy a whole new bedroom set, we used his for many many years. Our budget after all had to go towards the long list of other household items we needed. When starting from scratch, it is understandable to stretch your budget as best you can. I bought vintage pieces via Gumtree. Much of our furniture came from Ikea, which served exactly what we needed. It kept our costs lower so we were able to get set up with a whole new house. Our plan was always to travel, then move overseas for several years in 2020.

Cue 2020 and the unexpected pandemic. Rather than start a new chapter on the other side of the world, we resigned a lease in our tiny apartment and starting to notice the temporary nature of our furnishings. When it didn’t look like we would be moving, everything began to shift. We talked about our work, Mario took on new jobs, we started to pay off any debts and save for a house. Not to mention starting a family.

All of this led to wanting to improve the environment around us. And, let’s face it, I truly hated our bed setting.

The dark wood bed had a winged design that took up a large (unnecessary) footprint. And I constantly had bruises up my legs from walking into its sharp edges. I really disliked the style, colour and design. It was harsh, felt aggressive and unwelcoming. I knew I wanted something light, soft and timeless.

finding our perfect bed, a French beige linen base


When it comes to the frame style, you have options from a wooden frame, metal frames, upholstered frames or base only, sans bed head. I’ve had one of each over my many years. The choices feel endless! Size may be a factor again, so make sure to measure first. Consider where you want your bed to face, what texture and colours you might like. You might prefer a lush velvet or suede, something with detailed buttons or quilting or keep it simple.

Jenelle on a chic linen minimal bed
working from home with a chic linen bed


For our master bedroom, I wanted something classic, timeless and chic. I loved the idea of light neutral linen that would last for years. The colour almost fades away, and I loved the idea that you can change the mood so easily with your choice of bed linens, cushions and covers. Our bed is the Megan Queen Gas Lift bed from Brosa in French Beige. The fabric is the Brosa Signature Premium linen blend which is highly durable. I loved the woven texture which adds just a touch of detail but overall feels chic and neutral. It comes in a range of colours but I loved the light beige to ensure a touch of warmth.


Knowing that storage was an issue for us, given we live in a small apartment, I wanted to maximise the opportunity for under bed storage. However, I did not want the visual clutter of a bed on legs with stored items crammed underneath. The old bed set had legs and we were constantly able to see something sticking out from underneath. It still makes me cringe to think of it.

There are plenty of beds that come with side drawers, which suit many spaces. Keep in mind that if you have side storage drawers you need space on either side to pull out those drawers. We didn’t have this. Instead, I opted for a gas lift bed frame. The solution to our storage woes came pretty easily once we began to look at the gas lift options. The incredible thing was how much ended up fitting underneath. We cleared half of our laundry, an entire bookcase and had room for spare blankets and coats. It was the best decision! I shared a video on how many things fit underneath here.

the perfect minimal and chic neutral linen bed


As I’ve shared before, a lot of my style inspiration for home decor comes from our travels. Last year I shared a full article on this here. Below I thought I’d share some of my travel photos from over the years that I always saved in the back of my mind for bedroom ideas. You can see my love for whites and cream linens!

Riad Snan13 Marrakech tour diary
Inspiring Wit travel blog, visiting the new Amaroo Spa Retreat in the Perth Hills bed
the most epic bedroom view in Madrid with Inspiring Wit travel blogger


I’ve shared my love for the Australian furniture brand Brosa before. You may have seen my article on the famous Seta Boucle armchair. If you have missed that one, click here NOW! Having had such a good experience with the chair, I was keen to order more from the company. Each piece is designed carefully with the highest quality materials with quality checks at every stage. Think of Brosa as your stop for premium quality without over inflated price tags. Rather than going through a bunch of additional costs, Brosa cut those middle men costs out and deliver direct to thier consumers. By cutting down on those overheads, you are able to shop knowing you are getting the best price, quality and beautiful design.

Founded in Melbourne, Brosa’s online retail store offers Australia-wide delivery. Being based in Perth, I couldn’t visit their east coast showrooms. This wasn’t an issue as the Brosa website offers pictures from all different angles of each piece as well as a 360-degree view option. For a more personalised experience, you can book a free virtual consultation with a Brosa Stylist covering everything from selecting a hero piece to completing a total furniture makeover.


I was super excited for the bed to arrive. The delivery was quick and fuss-free. Brosa deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and beyond. We were able to set it all up efforlessly too.

Brosa Megan gas lift bed in French beige linen
Realisation Par navy wrap dress in star print


Post makeover, I am ulitmately so much happier with our bedroom! Not only did it free up so much extra space in our appartment thanks to the under bed storage, it makes me happy. In this room, I feel calm, better able to sleep and I know it is timeless. I find myself wanting to go to bed earlier to read each night and feel more comfotable in the space. We will end up moving soon (more on that shortly!) and I love how easily this bed will fit into a new space. The soft neutral tone and slight texture is beautiful. To mix things up we have alternate bedding, so I can inject a little colour if I like, or keep things light and simple.

How do you feel about your bedroom? Need a bed update? I’d love to hear what style you like and if you would consider the under bed storage too. It honestly feels like a gamechanger if you are low on storage and space. Let me know what your bedroom vibe is like in the comments below.


Photographed by Mario Recchia.

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