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It’s a cliché for a reason. Creating a home to share with loved ones.

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As you may have picked up from my posts either here or on Instagram, last month we moved into our new apartment after the lease on our old cottage ended. With all of our travels, I have come to realise how important it is to have a home base that feels welcome and calming but is also a place I am happy to share with our family and friends. When we went to go look at new places we saw one apartment which was dark and although only a few months old, felt cramped and unwelcoming. Luckily the second place we looked at I knew was right for us. A brand new apartment on an upper level with plenty of windows, it felt secure, bright and open, a change from the old dark cottage we had been in for years.

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Although smaller, the new space felt like I could invite people over to spend time- something, which we only did once at the old place. Within our first week I invited my Fit Club Perth co-founders and friends over for breakfast, which acted as a motivator to get the house in shape. I could not wait to invite people to come hang out in our space rather than always meeting out at busy cafes. Already I have had the group over twice, while other friends have been round to sit back on the couch, tuck their feet up and chat.

We still need to source some bench chairs for the kitchen and when winter is over, an outdoor setting which will be our main dining table- a conscious choice, as eating outdoors always feels better with company. The living space is small but centres on the kitchen- a part of the home that I feel becomes the heart. If I am ever over at someone’s house, I inevitably find myself around the kitchen chatting, helping out and having fun. An open plan kitchen and living area makes the space feel like it has a big heart.

Already we have spent more time planning meals and cooking things that we can take to work, or share with others. It helps of course that one of our best friends lives down the street and we can invite each other over at the drop of a hat to swap our cooking, play cards or have a cup of tea. It was about time I replayed her for all of the cheesecake slices she’s given us over the years!

I am excited to have my Mum over from Adelaide to visit us next month to show her off the new place and share her birthday. Last year both of my parents came to stay, I loved having them over to make a big breakfast, coffee and sit down together. By this stage they have seen most of what Perth has to offer, so it is great to know they visit just to hang out in our home.

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With the Superdraw approaching this weekend I have been dreaming about creating our own home, whom I would love to have visit and what we could cook up to create a fun celebration if I were to win the lotto. I would love to fly in my whole family and or some of the friends who I now only get to see through Facebook because they live so far from us. I would love to have my old friends over to reminisce and catch up on all of the things we have missed over a nice long lunch or dinner. I would love to introduce my brother to some of my new friends, play some great music and teach him how to play some of the card games we play for hours and hours. I have such fond memories as a kid spending time with my cousins during the big family celebrations, I would love to see them all again and meet some of their kids whom I have only ever seen in photos!

This week once again, I thought I would share my big dream with you and ask you to share yours with me. If you could fly in anyone to hang out at your house for dinner, who would it be and what would your dream celebration look like?

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