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My beauty haul from Generics! A whole bunch of new goodies from Perth’s boutique beauty store with wellness in mind.


Recently I headed into Generics on William Street to get my makeup done by one of the makeup artists and walked out with a haul of incredible products! Most of which were either made in store by owner Lisa or are sold exclusively in Perth at Generics. The following is a haul beauty review. I have fallen for some of these incredible products, most of which use natural ingredients and are made by small companies locally or from around the world.

I have more on my makeup look to come but if you are looking for a place in Perth to get makeup done for an event and prefer products without all the nasty stuff… you have found the spot! I’ll link the info below.

Agent Nateur Deodorant, Inspiring Wit beauty blog review


Nail polish is just made up of all sorts of crap right? Well, as an avid lover of having nicely looked after hands and nails, I just can’t bring myself not to polish them (generally though with a fairly simple French nude). I have gone through my phases where I literally gave away all of my polishes when I realised how terrible they were for us, but I can’t help myself!

You know when your friend who studied forensic science tells you to stop wearing that shit that you should stop right?!


Well, I was so excited to learn about Berlin and LA based brand Treat Collection.

Even more so, I was over the moon to smell the nail polish remover, which is unlike any remover I have ever smelled. Obviously the remover smell that we are used to is utterly horrible. This one is soy based, does not contain acetone or harsh acetates which will damage the nail, cuticles and dry out your skin.


Back to the polish, these are formulated without Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyd and Formaldehyd Resin. They are very fast drying, long lasting and have a glossy sheen finish. I have found they do last a good few days longer than my regular polishes and the brush makes it easy to apply.

I want more!!


Handcrafted in California with botanical ingredients from sustainable origins around the world, REVERIE has a commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients that are both natural and innovative. Working responsibly with Fair Trade, EcoCert and small family farms across the globe, I trust this new, fast becoming cult brand so much. Not only do they have flipping eye catching cool packaging, but this stuff works wonders in my long hair.

Why so good?

REVERIE products are always formulated without:  Lauryl Sulphate, Glycols, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrance, Animal Derivatives, T.E.A, D.E.A., Synthetic Colors, Silicones or Parabens. They are vegan, cruelty and gluten free which is all good in my books.

Honestly though, I have to add oils to my hair to keep it from getting too dry and fluffy, so I’ve tried a lot of brands and types. This blend just nails it. I’d recommend looking deeper into the ingredients in the bottle of Moroccan oil in your cupboard and sussing Reverie out.


As I mentioned earlier, Lisa and her team make a lot of their own non toxic, unisex products. The key points about the Generics products are:

  • Animal Cruelty Free and vegan
  • Chemical toxin Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Premium quality ingredients from globally sourced suppliers
  • Selected Australian certified organic ingredients

Not bad hey? You can see why I wandered out with so many goodies to try!


I have both the Generics Blue Lagoon Vegan Lip Balm and the Golden Triad. They both contain super foods and make my lips super soft without drying up again later, something which I wish more lip balms did.

(Generally they are manufactured to make you need to apply them more often so that you buy more, jerks!).


I realised that the tea station made up in the store was born out of Lisa’s love for tea. While I share this, in recent years (hmm, let’s say over the past half a decade) I have also been a coffee lover. I tried a few cups of tea while getting my makeup done and decided on the Skintox tea. It’s a really nice blend and has been a good change from my regular green tea break at 3pm.


My love of hand cream is pretty obvious if you step into my apartment. They are everywhere. So I didn’t need another one. BUUUUUT…. I had to! Haha, I love the smell of Lemon Myrtle and this one was small enough even for my tiny handbags so it came home with me.


Come to think of it, my place is also covered in soy candles. Yet, I did grab another one to try as well. It was called Purple Rain. How could I call myself a Prince lover and not take one home with me?? It smells like African Violets and Prince would have liked it, I am sure.


Finally I also grabbed a perfume oil, this one is called Valencia and it reminded me of the days I spent in Seville last year. An infusion of organic neroli flower, white gardenias with base notes of of rich vetiver, this one is great for a bright start to the morning.


I am yet to try the foot soak salts Lisa recommended, the Cleopatra’s Rose is her favourite and their best seller, but I need to find a tub to put my feet in first.

So that my friends is my latest beauty haul. I have pictured in there one of the TMF. Cosmetics mineral powders as well, which is made by a local Perth brand. The TMF Cosmetics products are natural, cruelty free mineral foundation, blushes, bronzers, eye liners, organic lip glosses and more. I have tried the lip sticks, mineral foundation, brow pencil and love them. These are far superior to most if not all of the natural cosmetics products that I had tried over the years. I will go into more detail about them when I share our shoot with their makeup look.

In terms of getting makeup done at Generics, the details are mostly found here. You can book in for an express 45min makeup or a longer one like I had. Again, I will show this soon! Next time I am going to try Herbivore Botanicals, RAW COMPLEXIONS and Wyte. Those all looked and sounded really good too. Clearly I am in love with what Lisa is doing!

If you are in Northbridge, make sure to wander down William Street and pop into the stores. One of my favourite parts of Perth, most of the boutiques are owner operated and they would love to chat with you and share their stories. That is the nice thing about this town, we are friendly and local.


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