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Maslow and Co beauty box French beauty edit, Inspiring Wit blog

Testing out some of the best cult French pharmacy products. Key favourites for glowing, effortless natural skin. The French Beauty edit and some of the French girl beauty tips I have come to know and love.

It is no secret to anyone that I am a huge fan of anything French. One of the only things I didn’t cover in my recent Paris City Guide was French beauty products. Of course, France has a strong tradition of pharmaceuticals and cult beauty products. When I heard that Maslow and Co (who I introduced back here) were bringing out a French beauty edit I had to try it!

The beauty subscription box handpicks products from a different country each month. How could I not try these French favourites?!

Maslow and Co beauty box French beauty edit, Inspiring Wit blogFRENCH BEAUTY SECRETS FOR GLOWING, CLEAR SKIN

French women are known for their less is more philosophy and when it comes to beauty, there is no exception. Rather than contouring, beauty trends or laying on tons of makeup, French women prioritize beautiful natural and glowing skin as a base. Personally I love that natural, no-makeup makeup look.

Actually, it was in Paris that I came to feel more comfortable with my own looks. I’d always felt like I had a funny face, with strange gap teeth. I always tried not to smile showing my teeth and admit that as a teen I had trouble even looking the guy I liked in the eye. I wasn’t so confident.

It really wasn’t until I spent time in Paris that I learned to accept and even love my quirks rather than see them as flaws. Over there, the things that make someone different are what are most appreciated and even celebrated.

Starting with a clear, hydrated base of beautiful skin, the rest is a little mascara and blotted red lipstick. So much quicker than all that time wasted contouring! (Maybe that is just me!)!

Maslow and Co beauty box French beauty edit, Inspiring Wit blog


Of the products in the Maslow & Co French Beauty Edit Box, the following have been my favourites.

NUXE: Nuxellence Éclat Serum

A Parisian luxury brand steeped in 50 years of legacy, Nuxe is known for their effective, gentle skincare that has inspired a cult-like following. Nuxellence Éclat is a serum enriched with Passion Flower, Hyaluronic Acid and pigment correctors, which work to immediately illuminate your complexion. This fast became my favourite product in the box, the serum absorbs leaving a beautiful illuminating finish. As someone who tends to get an oily forehead I much prefer this to a serum with a glossy finish.

La Roche-Posay: Lipikar Cleansing Oil

The key ingredient behind La Roche-Posay is therapeutic thermal water. Discovered in a French town the brand inevitably adopted as their name, this antioxidant rich water is at the core of every La Roche-Posay product. It’s formulation has been scientifically proven to soothe and heal afflicted skin. Lipikar is a gentle body cleanser designed to help soothe and restore the skins moisture level.

Soap free, alcohol-free, & paraben free, I had been using this on my face for a week before I reread that it was meant as a body cleanser. No wonder it stung my eyes so much! haha. My bad! I have since been using this cleansing oil properly and I love the light texture.

Nominoë: Radiant Hydration Night Mask

Using plants from the Finistère and Côtes d’Armor region, this boutique French brand begins by exploring the plants healing properties, and then develops a skincare product that gets the most out of the ingredients. Designed to heal dull, stressed and dehydrated skin, this hydrating mask is beautiful. I have left it on for a few hours to really make the most of it, for a deep hydrating treatment.

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O (Micellar Water)

The original eau micellaire, a crown adorned by iconic French skincare label, Bioderma. Created over 20 years ago, Bioderma has been an industry backstage staple for makeup artists and models alike and continues to attract attention for their biological approach to formulations to restore the skins natural balance. One bottle of this Micellar Water is sold every 3 seconds in the world. I am not sure why I had never tried this before! Of all the products in the box, I have used this the most. Not only is it obviously a great makeup remover but I have one more trick that I love to use it for.

I learned of a French beauty secret when it comes to red lipstick that I will share with you now. Rather than apply red lipstick the normal way, instead I blot it onto my lips with my finger, to make it really settle in, making it look more lived in. Then, since it inevitably makes a little mess, I soak the tip of a cotton cue tip in the Micellaire Cleanser and clean up the edges around my lips. This achieves a much more natural red lip look without the mess.

Apsu: Travel Candle

Travel candles are one of those things that I aim to use on my trips but can never wait that long. I always end up using them first! In this box I got the Varanasi scent. I have it burning as I type this. It is such a beautiful and unusual scent! Combining rose and the sweetness of jasmine, with a citrus top-note to offer the perfect fragrant finish.

Maslow and Co beauty box French beauty edit, Inspiring Wit blog

These are just my favourites in the French box edit the boxes come packed with goodies. Check out Maslow and Co. and their subscription boxes here or shop the products above individually. The next box is the Asian beauty edit, with all sorts of Eastern gems.

Have you found any French beauty products I should try? Let me know below!

It’s been a while since I put together many beauty posts, but I have so many cool products I have been trying to share with you. Are you interested in these kinds of posts? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a comment below.

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