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Fit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna Jane It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to reveal and introduce you to Fit Club Perth.

Jenelle Witty Fit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna Jane Fit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneFit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneFit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneJenelle Witty Fit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneFit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneJenelle Witty Fit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna JaneFit Club Perth Campaign shoot Lorna Jane Founded by Perth lifestyle and fashion bloggers Adelle of Where The Styled Things Are, Emily of She Does, Monique of Little Miss Mon Bon and myself, Fit Club Perth are excited to bring light to some of the best in fitness and wellness available to us.

Fit Club Perth was an idea born out of a recognition that through attending the same fitness classes the four of us found more motivation to show up, work hard, have fun and in the end- get fitter. As each of us had been sharing active wear stories on our own blogs, we noticed we were getting asked by some of the same studios to come and try their classes, naturally we decided to book in to a class together.

Since active wear, wellness and all things fitness related is booming across social media, and everywhere else, we thought we might as well create a group which can allow us to try different studios and furthermore invite other people to try them as well. The ‘club’ is in no way exclusive. We will be hosting events wherein we invite you to join us for a class and meet and greet afterwards over a pressed juice, raw energy ball or cup of almond milk spiced chai.

We have already been attending classes at LaFit Studio Subiaco (find my post on how I found it here), Xtend Barre Perth (more on that next week) and excitedly collaborated with Lululemon and Lorna Jane. We are so blessed that there are so many different types of fitness studios and personal trainers to check out in Perth, we can’t wait to get stuck in and visit some of them with you. Along the way we will feature the best in active wear and other wellness solutions we come across.

To ‘join the club’ find us on Instagram @fitclubperth on our Facebook page and subscribe to the newsletter at our website here to keep updated. Be sure to come along to some of the events we host (the actual fitness will NOT be instructed by us- we are in no way professionals, but real people wanting to stay healthy and active, we will leave the instructing to the pro’s!). Grab your friends and sign them up to try a morning of yoga, of boxing, pilates and more, then you are free to head out for brunch after your hard work! You can be a fitness fanatic or a total amateur (I can not keep up in a dance class to save myself- I am so embarrassing!), the point is to have fun and stay healthy.

A special thank you to Lorna Jane for jumping on board to gift us looks to wear in the Fit Club Perth launch campaign shoot. Lorna Jane is new to me (I don’t know how?!), however the Australian company is one of drive, passion and daring, all of which I value. A further thank you to Ryan Ammon for kindly shooting this campaign, to Simone of SC Artistry for doing our make up and Game of Braids for doing our hair. I never somehow looked fiercer in my life! So fierce for fitness! :)

photographed by: ryan ammon


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