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If you missed the news, head back to my last blog post here where I spill the beans, sharing that I am pregnant. YAY! Thank you so much to everyone who sent kind words, it’s been so so nice to read them after keeping this under wraps for so long. Here is a breakdown of how the first trimester went. 


Phew, first of all, I must say, I underestimated the first-trimester big time. My positivity may have had something to do with that since I generally opt to think everything will be all good. I’d known some women who had severe morning sickness and others who’d never had it at all. Plenty of other friends fell somewhere in between but I just kept positive thinking I’d be cruising on through. However, I was wrong. From week six to thirteen I basically had 24/7 nausea. Though I did not actually throw up (a little but not much) that feeling didn’t want to go away. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and it would still be there. So fun.


I was also very lethargic and slow-moving. I felt like a lot of days I spent resting on the couch reading or streaming Friends. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I’d been taking a few lazy weeks, instead of my usual 90 minutes a day HIIT & Pilates workouts. So, it’s been a long time since I worked out. When I could I went for walks, without overdoing it in the late summery weather that lingered through Autumn. I’d easily get puffed, particularly during the weeks we were having to wear face masks or if I went up a steep hill. 

Pregnancy announcement photo with Mario and Jenelle at the beach at sunset

I’ve always said water is my favourite drink ever and I am so happy about that. I have been drinking endless tall glasses of water and or refilling my 1L bottle about five times a day. Sure, it’s meant I had to pee a lot but that is something I’m used to. Luckily, I haven’t had too many food aversions or cravings. The weird ones are that I’ve barely wanted fish or chicken, which I don’t eat all that often usually, as I am mostly plant-based. However, there have been a number of times where I wanted a classic burger or spaghetti bolognese. Beef and all. For the most part, though, I’ve been having lots of vegetables, fruit, dried fruit and rice cakes.

To help with nausea I got Franjo’s biscuits, which have ginger and dried apricot, or drank ginger tea. A lot of the books I read suggested to snack if you felt nauseous so I tried to do that with crackers, fruit or veggies. I loved cucumber, apple with lemon juice or peanut butter, carrots, and oranges.


For the first ten weeks I cut out gluten entirely, which I am intolerant to, so I can only have a tiny bit a week anyway before I react. But eventually, I gave in and had a little here and there. Also, I don’t have dairy, other than a tiny bit of cheese but not often. 

One other thing is that I stopped having coffee which was easier than I thought as I didn’t like the taste anymore. I tried decaf for a bit but wasn’t so into that either. Still love the smell but I have been happy to have a cold pressed juice instead. We also bought a Vitamix so I have made smoothies as a snack. I haven’t felt like much in the way of sweets or desert, even for a while chocolate was off-putting. 

The main thing that took some getting used to not eating is my usual wellness top-ups! I’ve been using The Beauty Chef Glow Powder, Collagen and Antioxidant supplements for years, and the Welle Co Elixir. Plus my vegan protein powders. And things like hemp seeds, flax seeds and general things like that which I add to my oatmeal, granola or smoothies. You would think I’d miss a gin and tonic or sushi or something but I can wait those out. 

Mario and Jenelle from Inspiring Wit announcing their baby news

Overall, I have been really calm and positive about the whole thing. It helped that I have had good books to read on pregnancy and YouTube videos to watch of other mother’s experiences. Given I work from home and am here in the quiet apartment a lot, those YouTube videos were really reassuring. I’d watch a lot to do with first trimester experiences and that really helped. It is why I ended up recording a few clips of my own for my own YouTube channel. Those are slotted into my Baby Announcement video if you missed it. 

In terms of feeling anxious, I mostly just tried to keep my mind busy when I was awaiting test results and try not to worry about what could happen. The what if’s can really weigh you down. Staying positive was key for me and my mental health. We had to wait till 13.5 weeks to finally have an ultrasound. The weeks after we found out were slow. They dragged on. At six weeks we had our first doctors appointment and blood test and luckily found out the results quickly. All the levels were really good which was such a relief. At 10.5 weeks we had the Harmony Test and it wasn’t until 12 weeks before we heard those results. Everything came back low risk so again that was a huge relief.


The main thing I lost sleep over was not telling people our news or trying to work out when to tell each group. We told our family earlier than we had initially planned but the time felt right. They just had to be patient and not tell anyone until we announced it publicly which was a struggle for my Mum, I know. I decided to talk to one friend early on, as she was a mum and I knew I could ask her questions like “this feels weird, is this normal?” etc. 

We waited to share the news with more friends and the nephews, nieces until after our scan. That was actually super fun, hehe we had a morning tea at Mario’s parent’s house and got all the kids to play pass the parcel. Inside I wrapped a chocolate each and in the last layer as the prize I wrapped more chocolate and a baby figurine. The older kids got it pretty quick but it took the younger ones a few minutes. It was so cute they are all super excited. The youngest is now six so having a baby around will be fun for them too. Waiting another six months seemed like a lifetime to them (and me! hehe) but we will have a newborn there for Christmas which is going to be fun.


I really haven’t had any mood swings. I’ve only gotten more teary or emotional once or twice, like when I found out the gender (!) but that was more from excitement and shock. Actually, finding out the gender made it all feel more real since we found out before we had any scans. I’ve been mostly chilled, so avoiding stress has been working. I think it’s more stressful to work our way through the current real estate craziness. Right now everything is so overpriced and houses are selling right away. Plus building looks like a two and a half year process with inflated costs along the way. Since we have to move in mid-September, we will just have to wait it out and see what our options are before then. 

Other symptoms wise, haha this may be TMI but I’ve had up to three days of constipation, which is not fun at all. I have been more hungry than usual. I’ve had to train myself to sleep on my side rather than my back which took a while. And at times I just felt awful for having low energy. Mario has been amazing, cooking breakfast and dinners most days and after that, I’ve just been trying to keep things clean and tidy. My senses have been more heightened, smells in particular and sound have been intense so I haven’t worn perfume in months. My eye has been twitching for weeks. And my gums feel more sensitive, and I get more nose bleeds. But that is about it. 


All in all, I think I am happy to see the end of the first trimester mostly to avoid any worries about things going wrong. About freely being able to share the news and starting to feel better. Now I only feel nauseous after I eat too big a meal but have more energy. Unfortunately, I got a post nasal drip in weeks 13 to 15 off and on due to hormonal changes and the drop in temperature so I am hoping it goes away soon. Really excited to have a lot more energy and get more things done! It felt awful not to be updating the blog or creating video content. But I shot as many outfits and beauty projects as I could to keep that going which was good for my mental wellbeing to have some work to do. 

That’s it for the recap, but if you haven’t already, check out the video below! I’d love to hear any of your first trimester stories too, please drop them in the comments below.


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