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sezane belt and blouse review

The first things I ordered from Parisian brand Sézane. Shopping review and outfit idea for summer.

The belt cream blouse I bought from Sezane
What I ordered first from Sezane

Over the years, I’ve heard so many things about the Parisian brand Sézane. My friend Jiawa first told me about their unique concept stores in Paris. Rather than a traditional store, they are known as apartments & concierges where you can go in, try on the pieces, and order for delivery.

Though Sézane launched exclusively online in 2013, I had somehow missed visiting the apartments on my Paris trips. The first physical apartment opened in 2015, which I may have just missed. (Side note, it is CRAZY for me to think my last trip was in 2015! I miss Paris so much.) How about you?

Since then, I’ve naturally seen the cult brand pop up endlessly on my Instagram feed and across many of my favourite fashion blogs. Have you heard of them? Let me know if you have in the comments.


Sézane began in 2003 in the apartment of founder Morgane Sézalory, who customized vintage pieces and sold them on eBay. Eventually, Sézalory began supplementing her vintage pieces with her own designs & Sézane was born. The directive was to create high-quality, perfectly cut pieces that can be worn forever. Offering all women luxury quality at a fair & accessible price. Sézane release a seasonal collection four times a year, once a month, a smaller, highly curated capsule and every Wednesday release restocks and new drops.

So what will you find at Sézane? Sezane offers modern pieces to create a timeless, life-approved uniform with irreproachable and durable quality. An essential range of wearable everyday items across jeans, dresses, shirts, blouses, knitwear, shoes, bags, and more. Tried and tested, these are Parisian favourites, which embody a modern new French wave. The brand is working to make sure they are the innovative, inclusive, and sustainable brand it set out to be, growing year by year through committed actions.

¾ of our materials are eco-friendly, more than half of our pieces are certified, four of our lines are 100% eco-friendly- including our essentials collection- and more than 13 000 pieces have been recycled. Without forgetting the philanthropic program DEMAIN which, thanks to 4 million euros raised with your help, supports dozens of charitable organizations and thousands of children.

Morgane Sézalory
Outfit idea with ruffle blouse
White blouse and cream linen shorts from Sezane

One thing I always look at when I first consider buying from a fashion brand is their take on sustainability. Many, obviously don’t take a lot of measures at all to consider the impacts of their production and distribution. It’s an important part of Inspiring Wit for me to seek out the best fashion options for you, bearing my eco-footprint in mind. Is this important for you when shopping? Let us know below.

In terms of materials, 3/4 of Sézane’s materials are eco-friendly, though I personally still prefer to avoid synthetic fibres and opt for cotton, silk or leather. Fabric generally seals the deal for me with my purchases, so even if a dress is totally dreamy, I’ll 90% of the time skip it if the fabric is largely synthetic.

– 82% of silk is Oeko-Tex 100 certified
– 83% of cotton is organic
– 68% of viscose is FSC Mix certified
– 61% of leather is vegetable tanned, chrome-free or metal-free

Going beyond fabric choices along, over 13,000 pieces have been recycled since the launch of the brands recycling program. 100% of the shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard and/or are derived from sustainably managed forests. 100% of their locations are powered by renewable energy. And in 2020, the brand reduced the carbon footprint of a Sézane garment by 22%. I look forward to seeing how their programs go in the future, it seems like they are making good progress.

Without going into much more detail, the brand also has an impressive philanthropic program, DEMAIN (French for tomorrow). You can investigate more here.

Summer outfit wearing linen and cotton
Ruffle and pin tuck detail white cotton blouse


Onto my impressions of Sézane and my first order. I wanted to add a couple of timeless pieces that I knew I’d be able to mix and match with my wardrobe. As an avid lover of denim, I was naturally interested in trying their denim line out but ultimately could not go past this beautiful shirt.


The Sassy Shirt is made from 51% Organic Cotton, 49% Linen. With large shoulder ruffles, lace bands, and stitched pleats on the front and cuffs of the long sleeves. I adore a detailed shirt, blouse, or dress like this one. My style is ultimately often very casual, simple, and minimal so I love to add in romantic, modern bohemian pieces like these to soften things up. The shirt is so well made, it fits me perfectly, I ordered the size US 2 (FR SIZE 34), my usual size. I love it!

There are SO many beautiful shirts and blouses each season in the Sézane collections that reflect this soft, modern French style. Perfect to pair with shorts as I have done, high-waisted pants or jeans. Such timeless detailed shirts, printed, embroidered, ruffled, I just had to have one. Also tempting, their classic silk camisoles, or dresses. The Sahara mini dress particularly caught my eye for summer & autumn.


Finally, since I didn’t settle on either denim or a dress, I decided to invest in one of their vintage-inspired belts. I actually have a vintage one in tan leather that is almost identical which I either inherited from my Mum or during a vintage shop more than a decade ago. But I realised I didn’t have a black waist belt, so I knew this would be a great staple addition. The Louve Belt comes in multiple colour options, are handcrafted in Sézane’s Italian atelier, made from 100% Split cowhide leather with a 100% Smooth cowhide leather lining.

Given my vintage one has been around since the 70’s I know this will be a stunning staple to last me years to come. The quality is perfect, I adore the weight of the antique silver finish brass buckle, and the thickness of the leather. I ordered the belt in the smallest size, 80, which is a tiny bit too big on me. I’ll have to get another hole added if I wish to belt a dress but so far have worn it through belt loops which works fine.


Yes, in short, I was so happy with both pieces. I have in fact already ordered from Sezane again! I’ll be sharing the details of the next order here soon, and you will see a sneak peek on my Instagram later today.

The delivery was super fast, coming from Paris, they arrived within a week via courier, packaged in recycled packaging. The blouse and tissue paper were sprayed with the brand’s signature scent which luckily I liked. It was not too strong a scent but if you are sensitive to scent, I can imagine it could be potentially off-putting.

In the future, I’d add key essential pieces to my wardrobe with confidence in the quality, delivery, and production. I feel like the sizing is true to size, with a little room for movement. Delivery over a certain value is free, and some countries are offered free returns. I’ve not returned anything, so I can’t comment on that process. Something, I was not aware of, they also have an impressive menswear line.

Over to you. Have you ordered from Sezane? Are you an avid fan? With over 2.1 million Instagram followers, I am betting you just might be. I’d love to hear what you have ordered from the brand, along with what you might recommend below in the comments.

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