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Finding balance with Perth blog Inspiring WitAnswering some questions in the quest for finding balance. For people who know that the key to finding balance is knowing where you lost it.

I thought it was about time that I stepped up and wrote a personal update blog entry! Hey all, how is it going?! This year I declared as a year of finding balance, so I am checking in on how that is going. As with anything, marking your progress is key and so is knowing what tipped you over along the way.

As it turns out, I may be pretty balanced when it comes time to lace up my ice skates but things are not all smooth sailing!


THE QUESTIONS (The basic ones!)

What have I been up to?

What have I learned?



First of all, I should tell you that after moving house and the few weeks without internet at home, I spent a lot of time driving around. I have low tolerance (read, next year may be my quest for patience!) for this sort of thing. We had a lot of things on our list to do and pick up. Of course, moving so abruptly took a toll on our budget. I hate panicking over finances but it happens if you don’t have the best plan in place. This abrupt move threw me off balance mighty fast!

AKA, I cried a little. Then later, a lot.


We took a much needed week break with Mario’s friends down to Yallingup, which is south of Perth by a few hours. It rained but that didn’t stop us from exploring the coast line, wineries and produce the South West has on offer. I have posted about some of my favourite places to visit in the area before. I discovered Wills Domain Winery and it is easily my favourite now in the South West. Must go back!! Actually, go for me, will you?

Taking time to rest, go to bed early, sit by the fire, cook and eat together was really lovely. With all of the downtime, I made some notes and began thinking a lot about where I want to be. The offline (lack of cell service) time was great! That unattachment to your phone is the new luxury.

finding balance, a personal inspirational post on Perth blog Inspiring Wit
Zambreros Perth finding balance


We have been along to a few food events of late which has been a chance to go somewhere new and meet new people. Whilst this may sound simple enough, spending time with new people, sitting over a meal, is one way to introduce yourself, your passions and goals in a new way. You are forced to interact and create new connections.

I want balance, but I don’t want to be stuck in one spot. For me, moving forward is a part of finding balance.

Of course, when a meal opens your eyes to how buying quick food can help others, it is forward thinking.

Mario and I headed to a meet and greet at Zambrero’s, where we learned about their plate for plate initiative. Essentially, for each meal sold, the company donate a meal to people in need. It is Mexican with a mission! This is something that in my mind, so many companies could be doing. Think of what could be achieved if behind every big corporate business there was a CEO with a big vision to tackle a community issue? The possibilities are endless!

I love that Zambrero’s offer healthier quick food options that then give back. I am looking forward to volunteering for their meal packing event in October, it sounded like fun!

Mexican with a mission, Perth city Zambrero store
Zambreros Perth
Hollick Wine Dinner Pan Pacific Perth Dessert
Hollick Wine Dinner Pan Pacific Perth Mains


We were also recently invited to dinner at Pan Pacific Perth, which was an evening paired with Hollick Wines, from South Australia. The meal began with arrival canapés followed by a four-course set menu crafted by Head Chef, Paul Gaspa. Each dish had been paired with a complementing wine and we both left very full. It was a nice way to spend the evening out, embracing time off and learning a little about the wines. Perhaps best suited to an older crowd, I would probably send my folks along for a date night. The next dinner event at Pan Pacific Perth will be the Glenfarclas Whisky Dinner on Saturday 3 September 2016. Naturally, if you overdo it, you may be trying to find balance in an entirely different way! 

You may have seen me posting about a couple of other Perth cafe spots on Instagram recently. I thought I would put together another ‘where to eat in Perth’ guide soon.

If you have any recommendations of places for me to include, let me know! Where do you eat regularly?


Finding balance with Inspiring Wit a perth blog on a wellness journey


I recognised that I needed to regain some of the control I felt I had lost. I have had a number of sleepless nights where I lay awake thinking about anything and everything. Not letting my mind stop nor my body slow down, is a trap. Feeling run down is not rewarding and hardly encourages feelings of inspiration. It does not inspire any wit.

So, what have I done to take back control?

I began to write more in one of my notebooks, to get the things swirling around in my head out on paper. Making an active choice to spend less time in a digital setting and more on paper works for me.

How about you? Does anyone keep notebooks anymore?


I downloaded and have been using a meditation app called Headspace, which I love. I look forward to using it each day and taking time out to practice. Have you used it? Does anyone else find meditation helpful?

After a break with the flu, I have really enjoyed being back at Movement Co, where I take gymnastics. I was also excited to see that Como Shambhala is now on Classpass Perth! It has been great to get back into their stunning yoga studio. I am really enjoying moments to focus on breathing and observing thoughts rather than allowing them to take hold of me.

Do you use exercise to focus? I would love to hear if you have advice on taking back control if you feel you have lost it? Let me know your tricks!

Inspiring Wit Perth fashion and travel blog


I guess I had to lose my momentum at some point this year and I am glad to have observed it. The road is not smooth sailing, but as I said to my Mum on the phone, with so many breakdowns, the breakthroughs to follow must be worth it!

Having that faith that you will be able to find balance that works for you is a big step.

There were a few questions throughout this post. I would love to know if you have been rocked by something and how you got back on your path? It happens to us all, so this is a safe space to share- maybe we can help each other out? xx Jenelle

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