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Eye of Horus beauty haul and review by Inspiring Wit, Australian beauty and fashion blog

My Eye of Horus beauty haul. Local Australian natural cosmetic brand with a mission for Goddess eyes.

Eye of Horus beauty haul flatlay and review by Inspiring Wit, Australian beauty and fashion blog


It must be something about winter, but I have SO many beauty related hauls and reviews to share.

I have to admit I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to my everyday sartorial choices lately. This is probably because every time I wake up and see rain or foggy windows I reach for the most basic outfits. Thanks to this, I have tried to put in a little more effort where beauty is concerned.

Eye of Horus are a beauty brand based in Byron Bay, who I was super excited to try. I’d heard of them from my friend Kiara (that ginger haired goddess you may know as Lion in the Wild) and had seen their products pop up on other beauty blogs I follow.

The iconic Eye of Horus range takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup because they believed that it offered magical power and protection to the wearer. They lined their eyes with black Kohl, creating an almond-shaped eye – The Eye of Horus – which was believed to protect their eyes as well as providing a statement of beauty.

If it was good enough for Cleopatra…

Eye of Horus beauty haul and review by Inspiring Wit, Australian beauty and fashion blog


So in my Eye of Horus haul, I was super thrilled to try their eye products, including the new Brow Fibre Extend release.

Brow Fibre Extend

The Brow Fibre Extend contains organic brow enhancing botanicals, including: Canalicaluta Extract (seaweed) Laminaria Digitata (seaweed) and Moringa Oil. The buildable formulation lengthens and thickens brows adding natural-looking fibres filling in imperfections. I have most recently been using a powder product to build up my brow definition. Switching to the Brow Fibre Extend, I was so excited to see the texture it created. The colour was subtle, as was the setting agent, so they feel fuller but not stiff or sticky. Plus I can keep the coverage light and feathery or build it up to create a darker, bolder brow.

One step closer to Brooke Shields brows… my dream!

This is happily going to replace my brow powder, I was never happy with that finish, and mixing a powder with a wax always seemed tricky to get right in a hurry. And lets face it, I am always rushing my makeup!

Bio Lash Lifting Mascara 

I have tried a few vegan cosmetics products and am always keen to add more to my collection. If they work, that is. At the end of the day, I need my products to work for me. Once upon a time I swore to only use natural products but found I was never happy with the finish of things I was trying. Technology has come a long way over the past decade, so I am keen to try new options again.

Side note: I am always open to hearing your vegan/ natural product recommendations! Let me know what you have tried and loved. 

The Bio Lash Lifting Mascara is a 100% Vegan, 98% Organic formula with key botanicals, Marine Algae and plant derived collagen. I am wearing this one in the images here.

The brush head has a small tooth side and a larger tooth side to load the product onto both the top and bottom lashes. The small side has the ability to refine and separate small inner and lower lashes. This is a clever idea, as I like to make sure both my top and bottom lashes get definition. Anyone else?

Eye of Horus beauty haul and review by Inspiring Wit, Australian beauty and fashion blog


Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette 

I love a good eye shadow palette, which is evident if you ever see my cosmetic collection. It’s not that I ever need any more, but I just love having colours to play with. Surely you guys are with me on this right?

The deeply pigmented, long wearing crease-proof formula of the Goddess palettes deliver brilliant results. The shadow range can be used either dry, for a subtle day ware effect or wet for a full-intensity finish. I have yet to try them wet. This palette is made up of metallic shimmery tones, that are super flattering for everyday.

Sheba Mystical Goddess Shadow Palette

I also got the Eye of Horus plum based eye palette. I can’t pick a favourite between the two! The plum shade is so beautiful to build up in the crease, while the peach tone is so pretty on the main lid. Can not get enough!! I love that they are Paraben free too! I am wearing this one in the images here. This one was a low key glowing makeup look for everyday.


Eye of Horus beauty haul and review by Inspiring Wit, Australian beauty and fashion blog

Goddess Mascara

This one is Eye of Horus’ award winning Goddess Mascara. I have to say I think this one was my favourite. It lengthens and adds volume with the deep jet black pigments. I love the flexible silicon hourglass brush which glides from root to the tip of the lashes, creating perfectly curled lashes. It also dries instantly, which is great to eliminate smudges and clumps. The Goddess mascara uses plant based ingredients which include: Organic Moringa Oil, Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax, Candelilla Wax and Caunuba Wax.

Charcoal Goddess Pencil

The last product in my Eye of Horus haul was the eye pencil. This one is really creamy, and not as strong, so it’s soft for a smokey eye. It is also Paraben free which I appreciate, as well as being smudge proof and waterproof. Unfortunately I have need that waterproof aspect a lot lately, something I will write more about in a personal post soon.


Overall, I would say my favourite products were the Goddess mascara, the Brow Fibre Extend and the Shadow Palettes. These I know I will go through them the quickest. I was so happy to discover how strong each of these products were, given that they do not rely on nasty chemicals. It’s so good to know I am supporting Australian companies, so I highly recommend Eye of Horus. Let me know what you all think of these haul posts, if you care to leave me a comment. Though I tend to post on beauty sporadically, I do try a ton of products and am alway getting questions from you lovely people about products. Do let me know if you want to see more of these types of posts. Or, if you would prefer them in a video form? Let me know.

Have you tried any Eye of Horus products? What did you think? Is anyone else still Brooke Shields obsessed? Those brows!!




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