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Hello Parry Top, Jenelle Witty

As we drove past this fence full of beautiful soft pink roses, I could not help but ask to stop and shoot a few photos. Wearing my new favourite jeans by Ziggy Denim and a little Hello Parry.

HELLO_PARRY_ZIGGY_DENIM_2935 Hello Parry Top, Jenelle WittyAs some of you may know, I grew up in Adelaide, not far from Clarendon, in the hills. While driving through on my recent visit, I could not help but notice this beautiful fence full of soft pink roses and asked my Mum to stop and take a few outfit photos for me. Life of a style blogger hey? My shoots are usually a lot more planned than that, so this one is a little rough and off the cuff. I am wearing my new favourite jeans by Ziggy Denim, gifted to me by Bohemian Traders after I fell for them on our Campaign Shoot (which I will share up here as soon as I have the images!). By the way these jeans are only $90, how good is that!?

ROSES_2871 Hello Parry Top, Jenelle Witty

You have seen this Hello Parry swing top back in some of my Sydney posts, I love it. The rather thrashed bag I am holding here has been my companion on many overseas travels, storing my bits and pieces. Come to think of it, I am not sure why I decided not to bring it back to Perth with me! Regrets!

I know I have been posting a lot of articles on food, travel, events and interviews over the past few weeks, I hope you don’t mind! Although I have some really exciting fashion based content to share with you coming up, it is nice not to see myself all over this blog on every page! Stay tuned for a real mix before Christmas. xx

Photographed By: Maxine Witty (edited by Me)
Wearing: Hello Parry Waterfall Top, Ziggy Denim Distressed Jeans, Vintage Sandals and Bag


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