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20150125_UpNorth_0157Road testing the high waisted style and the endless summer.

20150125_UpNorth_008020150125_UpNorth_010420150125_UpNorth_011620150125_UpNorth_0163Confession: I am pretty much 50/ 50 when it comes to the ocean. I am part in awe of it and partly terrified. For as many images that I snap away at the ocean I do not swim in it all that much nor for that long really. As I have gotten older I have let the fear of sharks grow stronger (I could not have cared less as a kid), waves and I are not on good terms, as I like the water to be calm and flat, and finally I end up blue and shivering even on a 39 degree day.

Having said that though, the ocean is one of the greatest things about living in Australia, so I can not let the fearful half take over. Last weekend we went to Dynamite Bay, where I tested out some of the swim gear to have hit my post office box in recent weeks. I actually have clothed ‘outfit’ posts to share with you, but since we are in the height of summer, please bare with me on a couple more swim looks.

My lovely friend Adelle of the blog Where The Styled Things Are has just completed a 12-part swimwear blog series and I feel like I am almost unintentionally doing the same! Check her whole series out here, she has cleverly rated each brand of swimwear as well as shown some really different styles. I tip my hat to her and her photographer for finding so many different shoot locations, styles and stories, check out the ‘I Donut Care’ post- it is so fun.

This look is my final in a collaboration with Surania, whom I designed three swimwear styles with, find the first look here and the second here. I have always wanted to try this high waist bottom style- just to see if I could pull it off. While the back doesn’t do much for me- the cut across the bottom isn’t the right line, I do like the high waist for something a little different. Paired with the lace style bikini top it is a nice fresh look, and I like that I can mix and match all of the Surania pieces I ordered. By the way use the sale code LASTCALL to get 20% off of your Surania order at the moment. :)

Wearing: Bohemian Traders White Lace Trim blouse (tied up), Surania Swimwear, Sunbella Parasol and Ray-Ban Sunglasses.
Photographed By: Mario Recchia

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