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Early Morning Is Jumper Time

by jenellewitty@gmail.com

Kenzo Tiger Wool Knit Jumper, Black Skater Skirt (gifted), Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers
Early morning is the most exciting time of the day (as long as you have the day off, otherwise sleeping late on early mornings is too good!). The wake-up breeze, slight chill, birds chirping and gentle sun; everything seems to be at its freshest and the day is full of promise. Somewhere around 9 am this bubble bursts a little and the everyday settles in, but that magic a few hours beforehand get me a little every time. Wandering around unopened museums, boardwalks and docks on our recent faux holiday were the best way to appreciate this location, prior to the everyday rush of people. Cool but warming up in the (actually already bright) morning sun, I could only don this big woolen jumper for so long.
I love to wrap up in warm oversized jumpers, they are the most desired and shopped item in my Winter closet- thanks in part to having new ones each year knitted for me upon my own selection of wool balls and pattern via my mother. Obviously this Kenzo one is just the right kind of fun detail I could not pass up packing into my ‘overnight bag’ despite predicted 25-30 degree temperatures. Got it in though, didn’t I? :)
Ready to be thrown over jeans, dresses, skirts (even a midi length this year), etc, I have scoped out a few excellent jumpers for various budgets (see below). Additionally, I am loving the return of the higher collar varieties to keep out the winter chill. No one wants to revisit awkward primary school skivvies, but a high collar or correct roll neck is A-okay. Beyond a strappy heel and lipstick, I think this jumper is one of the only times the colour red ever really settles into my wardrobe. I think though, with jumpers I love them so much that I want the basics- that stick to my colour scheme rules, and the odd ‘extra’ such as this one. (Or such as about four others I own in emerald green etc- we all have our vices, no?).
xx Jenelle
Shots by Mario Recchia and myself

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