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Park Güell Barcelona

“Not all those who wander are lost” – JRR Tolkien

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Inspring Wit Travel Inspiration

When I was younger, growing up in the foothills of Adelaide (with let’s face it, not a lot to do but dream big) I watched travel shows and collected travel brochures with my family as we dreamed of all of the places in the world we would like to visit. My Dad and I were addicted to the series Globe Trekker Pilot Guides as Ian Wright (and even Bradley Cooper!) travelled around the world getting into all sorts of crazy situations. (That theme song still plays in my head.) I have the fondest of memories spending long hours chatting with family friends as they described to me the wonders they had seen and the places they had explored. Their stories filled me with awe, some stories were scary or incomprehensible experiences in Egypt, some were about places I had never heard of or were just inspiring tales of mountains climbed, food tasted, people met along the way and so much more.

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travel Italy

As soon as I turned 18 I asked my parents if I could go travel to Europe on my own, staying in backpackers or visiting exchange students and pen pals I had met over the years. I took off for six weeks and the travel bug had its hold of me very tightly. Just after September 11 by a month, restrictions were changing, and I made mistakes like trying to lug 35 kilos of vintage wool coats (fashion!), boots and scarves through the snow. It’s not a surprise that a wheel on my case broke leaving me to drag the one it had left through the ice. Still, that trip is vivid in my mind.

At 21, when asked if I would prefer to have a big party, or instead put the money toward a trip to the UK with my Mum, my parents both knew my answer would be the latter. Mum and I went to London for the first time, I had a special birthday lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen (I was, and really, still am, a HUGE Jamie fan), we saw the sights, took day trips out to Brighton, The Cotswolds, Bath and Stonehenge.

Inspiring Wit in Porto
Carmo Convent Arches
Jenelle Castle Side Profile

I have since been through more of Europe on separate occasions, exploring its architecture, beaches, culture, lakes, trains and food. I have journeyed to Morocco, exploring the ancient medinas and souks, its blue city and mountains. I have just landed back from a trip to Malaysia, from its bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to its quiet islands off of The Andaman Sea in Langkawi. But there is so much more I want to see! I feel as though this is only just the beginning!

With the Superdraw approaching this weekend I have been dreaming about where I would go, whom I would take and what we would do if I were to win the lotto. I would love to take my family on some of the travels we had dreamed about for so long. To take my parents to walk the Great Wall of China, to visit the cherry blossoms in Japan or South Korea, taste wines in Bordeaux, trek to Machu Picchu with Mario and drive across the USA, visit Cuba before it changes too much, visit Tulum with my friends, go to a yoga retreat with my Fit Club Perth crew, see a Winter Olympics with my Mum, take my brother in a plane and convince him it will be safe… the list goes on and on…

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This week, I thought I would share my big dream with you and ask you to share yours with me. I have also put together a video featuring unseen footage of some of our travels as I dream about the next. Find this below (watch on YouTube for higher resolution).

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