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Why your dreams may change but your passion to pursue them should not.

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When I was in design school I was told by the head of my department that I was too political. This was ironic for me because I felt like the best playwrights had some kind of political message, some kind of reason to communicate with their stories through entertainment. Then again, I never really wanted to design for the fluff pieces and happy-go-lucky musicals which although fun, didn’t make me think too much. Luckily I was given juicer projects through which I were able to explore all sorts of moments in history, movements and ideas that could open the minds of our audiences. Actually, I have no doubt that ‘luck’ had little to do with it. I often fought for what I wanted, sometimes when I had so little left in me that I thought if it all ended, that would be okay, somehow.

It wouldn’t.

Later I went on to work in the industry which for now at least I have stepped away from. This was due to the financial landscape and nature of the job at least within this country. Ultimately it deflated me and I stepped away. Perhaps one day I will feel that connection with it again. Time will tell.

Passion is not something to be denied. I just simply can not shut up if I care about something. I try, believe me. No matter how hard, the truth of my thoughts ultimately flare up and surge out, usually stronger than ever. I am protective and loyal but will occasionally find myself frustrated by my own friends who I feel limit themselves. Often it just takes them a little longer to see what I see, particularly if they have their hopes pegged on something without fully understanding what that goal is. Perhaps you have experienced this before.

A friend is upset that they didn’t quite get to a goal that they had hoped for. They are grouchy and disappointed when observing other people waving said goal in front of any face who cares to take a look.

The thing is we each reach things at a different pace. We achieve something we work toward often through a great deal of effort and patience. Realising a dream can look so easy when viewed from the outside. I will never know what lengths it took someone to get to a personal achievement or goal. Usually I just get to see the product of that hard work. So naturally when my friends compare themselves to others without knowing the full story I get a little frustrated with them. Imagine how frustrated I am with myself when I realise I have been doing the same thing! Damn!

The steps are simple, dream > believe > achieve.

The process is the tough part, but it is worth it. Break down goals into smaller ones, make plans and tick things off the list as you progress. Before you know it you will be further along than you had thought and people will start to notice.

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