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The best things about being disconnected. No internet does not mean the end of the world.

I am week two into not having the internet after our move and already I have re-watched a fair amount of Gilmore Girls as I unpacked, cooked and cleaned. The best things about not having the internet are:

  • Books!! I got the new Harper Lee (RIP brilliant woman) and am setting aside time to read pre-snooze of an evening or for a break soaking up the afternoon sun.
  • Cooking!! I made Moussaka for dinner and Raw Salted Caramel Slice (this took many tries to get the instructions right, they were so easy but I kept reading the box wrong!) from Stable Co. Both were delicious! I also picked up a copy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book “It’s All Easy” which I am making a few bits and pieces from. I promised to make three meals from it this week.
  • Visiting friends. I have had a number of cups of tea (and some brief borrowed internet to send off some drafted emails) at friends places.
  • Hosting breakfast. I had the Fit Club Perth girls around on Saturday morning which was a good incentive to get the extra things we needed off of our list and pack away the random boxes that needed to go into storage. We now have storage cubes for medicines instead of old boxes and a nice toolbox for the hardware gear.
  • Getting to know the neighbourhood (again). I used to live a little further down the street, so trips to my favourite local spots aren’t so new. Having said that though, I am happy to have popped into the launch for Nood in Leederville, the gorgeous Nikki has finally opened a beautiful raw and healthy food spot where you can get smoothie bowls, lunches or even soups from morning to night as well as take away meals, coffee, matcha or turmeric lattes. Furthermore, we discovered that our favourite florist Manic Botanic now has a little coffee and treats spot, making the flower run that much sweeter.
  • Calls. I have been able to call home and speak to my family a little more, which is lovely.
  • Editing, okay, so this still involves the computer but I have a TON of photos to get through from our travels and I am getting through posts to share soon.
  • Beauty treatments. I have so many masks, scrubs and treatments to try, but the free time gives me more time to think about and give skincare products a go.
  • Shooting and filming stories. We shot a bunch of stories last week and I am planning to get filming in the next, this space is so good for that. I can stop, drop and shoot pictures around the house on any surface with beautiful lighting!
  • Sorting through my closet. I went through and put several bags together to drop into donation bins and a few things to sell. I am so happy to have more closet space to organise my things, hang them in colour and type order, it makes me happy to have things in the right places. Clearing out clutter and having storage gives me such peace of mind.
  • If we were to be without the internet much longer I believe to this list I would add in things like drawing, painting and gardening- I know have balconies to plan with potted plants for a little oasis. Meditation is another thing. I have been thinking more about how important it is to give my mind time to rest and not be bothered with a huge list of things that NEED TO BE DONE NOW!! Quiet time to sit and not think is where it is at.

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