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I am officially over being disconnected! SEND HELP!

Hi! How are you?

I recently spoke about disconnecting and the advantages of being offline, you may have read it here. Well, another week on and I am ready to reconnect!! It has been a nice change, but I am really hoping that we get our internet set up next week so I am able to get on top of my work and a list of things I have been waiting to do- such as email out to people about this and that, research a few travel spots, commit to a volunteering trip later in the year to Laos etc… Plus, of course, who doesn’t want to browse random shit?! I WANT TO!!

In the mean time I have been running around town buying MORE odds and ends to furnish our house (seriously, this is so time consuming!), spending time with friends (aka one of my best friends had her 30th- it ended of course with an after party early morning games of Cards Against Humanity), and heading to a few Perth food events. Yesterday I went along to the Lakeside Joondalup hosted lunch for the Good Food and Wine Show (I was meant to go to the media launch this morning too so I would have more info on it for you but unfortunately I missed it!!!) which was delicious. Following a quick run and workout between, after lunch I headed out to the Guilford Hotel for a couple of drinks and cheese for a girls night. If you are in Perth and looking for a warm, relaxed venue for lunch, dinner or cheese and drinks- add the Guilford to the top of your list. With the fire going and the cozy leather vintage sofas, it is a great Winter spot.

I think I will put together a Facebook post featuring a bunch of restaurants and cafes I have been to lately, as there are a lot I want to share. Keep an eye out Perth foodies. In all of my spare (read: internet free) time I have finally finished editing the photos from our trip to Morocco last year (there were THOUSANDS of them!) so I am excited to get those up here, followed very closely by city guides through Northern Italy.

I hope I have more soon for you guys and in the mean time, say hi on Instagram! xx Jenelle




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