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From one coast to another, coastal inspired skincare to tailor to your skin, one of my favourite affordable Australian skincare brands.

Over the past couple of months I have tried SO many skin care brands so naturally I have a few skincare stories to come. First off the rank through, is Coast to Coast, a brand I started using last year and haven’t stopped since. Available online or at David Jones, Coast to Coast is one of the best affordable brands I have found. Last June, I reviewed the Rainforest range, find the blog post here. This time around I tailored the skincare routine to best suit my skin…


Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser Wild Rosella & Sea Parsley $19.95

Combining Organic Aloe, Wild Rosella and Native Sea Parsley, to soothe the skin, Salicylic Acid clears the pores of bacteria that may create breakouts. This is a super gentle and lovely foaming cleanser- I am a huge foaming cleanser fan, this one has been great. It keeps my skin clear and doesn’t feel like it strips it too dry. I am still using the Coast to Coast oil cleanser a few times a week between other cleansers, it is the only oil cleanser I have used and it is brilliant. These guys know how to clean!


Pore Purifying Aqua Mist Lilly Pilly & Lavender $22.95

Warning: This stings a little if you spray it in or near your eyes, I am not so skilled! Oops! Having said that, the mist helps restore the balance in oily or normal skin- mine tends to get oily on the forehead (by the end of the night I am naturally a little shiny) so this is helpful to avoid that shine. It is one of those things I can carry around in my bag to spray after gymnastics or in the evening to freshen up.


Lightweight Moisture Lotion Wild Rosella & Lavender $29.95

They are not kidding when they call this one light- it is a super light moisturiser, it has sunscreen and UV filters to protect against the sun and damaging UV rays, but it isn’t greasy. I find it to be helpful in combatting the oil prone skin, but hydrating enough to balance the rest out. I have hardly got any of this left- I have used it a LOT! Definitely a great option if you want to try an affordable but effective skincare option.

As you can see, I brought this range with me on our recent Malaysia trip. It was perfect to deal with the humidity. I really wish I had found some better haircare options! Haha, pictured here, I had just washed my hair and blow dried it as best I could before heading back outside again, but as you can see, my hair is all kinds of frizzy. If anyone has any advice for people with porous hair and is dealing with humidity, shoot me some tips!



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