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TUMBLE_CIRCUS_5600“Death! To anything that isn’t Circus!” The circus show you MUST see at Fringe World this season. 

FRINGE_WORLD_PERTH_15_5572“Here we are now, entertain us!”

The Perth Fringe World Festival is in full swing with buzzing venues and a lot of punters enjoying the open air bars and eclectic shows. This weekend I was invited to review the latest offering from Ireland’s Tumble Circus, Damn The Circus. I intentionally refused to look up any info on the show prior to attending and I must confess, I was seriously surprised and delighted with an incredibly entertaining show. Performing at the Big Top at The Pleasure Garden, Damn The Circus is contemporary circus at its finest.

A little rough around the edges, Damn The Circus cleverly entwines a healthy dose of slapstick, tumbling and drama with incredible acrobatics. From the minute Kenneth Fall and Tina Machina tumbled onto the stage their toned long limbs provided a hint as to the fitness inspiration to come. The show is packed with hula-hoops, juggling (the old fashioned impressive kind), silks, acrobatics and trapeze work all accompanied by a glamorous Spanish-wannabe harpist and musician Ursula Burns, whom is a little off centre in a good way.

Trapeze acrobatics are performed to a very cool rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (which is possibly one of the secret ways into my heart) as silliness and grace are perfectly met. The silks are a stand out by far- performed in a leather biker jacket and riding helmet, it is an unexpected juxtaposition of grace and roughness.


WHAT: Tumble Circus: Damn the Circus

WHERE: Big Top as part of Fringe World 2015, James Street, Northbridge

DATES: Friday 30 January – Sunday 1 February and Tuesday 3 February – Saturday 7 February at 9pm

IN A WORD: Delightful

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