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The month that was August and a little window for you into courage.


I know that I already shared my rejoice that we are FINALLY into Spring, but, since it is a fresh new month and week at that, I thought I would share a catch up. Besides, I have a little window for you into courage.

What has been going on?

You know, I think that August flew by me in a flurry. I honestly can hardly remember it. I had to look back over my calendar and work out what exactly I had been doing for the past four weeks. What I uncovered was the following:

I went to:

The launch of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival program, Hatch shop, Sage West Perth Hotel, dinner and comedy at The Brisbane, new season showing for Pandora, the Health and Fitness Expo. I did lots of yoga, gymnastics and even some Jungle Body in front of an audience (eep!). I can attest to the fact that the konga class was the longest half hour of that month while the launch of Sage West Perth was the funnest.

The big news…

I had some big personal challenges this past few weeks and have news, that I resigned from my casual side job after more than eleven years. It was more than time to move on and I was very unhappy. Now I am working on this digital space, taking on freelance clients and looking to find another part time job that will be more in my field and something I can fall in love with doing.

Okay, a little more detail:

I guess that explains where my time and energy has gone. It seems important to be transparent with you guys and share what I have been doing- what challenges I have been facing and what I am aiming for. It had gotten to a point that on more than one occasion I had a panic attack at work or prior to going into the office. Not over any particular detail, I just knew in my heart that I was not being honest with myself, nor, in effect my workplace.

It had been a long time and I felt that for me, I was holding on to a job out of fear that I would not be able to find something else, and naturally then lose out on financial freedom. Once I realised that this was not a way I wanted to keep living, the decision to leave was easier to make.

Living in-authentically was taking a toll on me and facing the fear was a step I needed to take.

And now?

So, watch this space all! While I may not know all of the answers, nor do I know what the next step for me will look like, I am excited none the less. I look forward to sharing what I can do and work with a new team! I know that somewhere down the line I will channel this experience into something more articulate, so stay tuned.

Fear and Courage

There is no doubt in my mind that there are many lessons which I will be able to share with you to come. Honestly, I am excited about that too. Building on my experiences and taking them somewhere more rewarding. YES! That feels a lot more like acknowledging love for what I stand for. Not to be confused with being un-grateful to begin with, I had some job security and a lot of flexibility. But I couldn’t let fear run my life and make my choices for me. Hello Mother Courage!

I would love to hear about your own personal experiences with facing a fear at work, can you share with us? Have you done something similar? Realised you had let fear take over? What did you do?

Got any amazing advice you can impart? Girl boss moves are more than welcome! This is a safe space to share what you have gone through and hopefully pick up some boss advice along the way. With me?


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