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The year of balance. How the insignificant became so significant.

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Over the past few months, since we returned from our last trip, I have been making my way through a list of things I jotted down while we were away. These notes were things that came up when we were on the other side of the world, so I knew even if they were small, they were still significant. Some notes were a wish list, like ‘coffee machine, shelf unit for kitchen, new contact lenses’ while others were part of a to do list, ‘go to the dentist, get a new private health insurance provider, rearrange the living room furniture’ etc.

Sometimes I think it takes being away from home to realise important little things you need to make improvements on at home. I’ve made an effort to get back into my fitness (as I am sure you have noticed through my Insta spam!) but also making time to catch up with friends regularly and take time out to have fun, chat, listen, feel inspired, and be an active friend. It makes me a whole lot happier to do so! Of course!

Inspiring Wit Jenelle Witty
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In a discussion with our gymnastics teacher Matt, we were talking about how we are the sum of about five people we spend the most amount of time with. I can openly admit that I live in something of a protected bubble, as I have weeded out negative people in my life and developed stronger bonds with people I get inspired by and who make me laugh. There are of course friends who I used to be around all the time that I rarely see, as much as we try to make our schedules work, often they are simply just not on the same page anymore. While I still care about them, it is sort of okay, as I think people come in and out of your life as you go along. Ultimately if you set a plan for yourself, you attract the right energy and people who are on the same page.

The point I am getting at is that it is rewarding to take time out to create room for time with friends, for ticking things off of your lists, for putting things in order. Pictured here is a breakfast I had with Mon prior to one of our Aerial Yoga classes a week or two ago. Of course, since we are regulars, we met at Mary Street Bakery (though I pushed myself out of my creature of comfort order of eggs and soldiers for the gluten free quinoa breakfast- it was worth it!).

The outfit I am wearing is made up of some pieces I had put into storage and went through the day prior, ticking ‘go through stored clothes and cycle some of the Summer clothing away to bring out some of my Autumn pieces’. (We have limited closet space, so my heavier woollen items/ coats etc I store in summer and swap the summer dresses with them in winter). These vintage pants are a great alternative to jeans and can be dressed up or down depending on the need- I could easily take this look to a meeting with the swap of my shoes. Another perk of taking time to tick things off of those lists!

I think this year is actively becoming a year of establishing balance for me, something I very much needed after the way I pushed myself last year. Who knows where the road will lead?!

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