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For the past few weeks I have been working with Classpass, heading along to a class almost everyday. I wanted to introduce a little about what Classpass is and how I have used it to work out which are the best ways I find to exercise for my body and check out a heap of the studios in Perth. Here is how you can create your own workout using Classpass.


To give a little history, over the past year I had been staying active but a lot more sporadically. I’d gone to a lot of Reformer Pilates classes, which I found had helped me to get back some strength as well as get used to doing reps. Besides this I’d train at home with Mario, doing boxing- pad work, or my own circuit of lunges, squats, planking, push ups and so on.


Classpass allows you access to all of the studios signed up, so you can log in, check what classes are available, book yourself in and try whatever you like. Inevitably you can find what does and does not work for you and challenge your body with different workouts to ensure you are working on most of the muscles, on flexibility and strength. It is as easy as that.

One of the cool things is you can share your profile with others- so I can see what classes to book in with the other Fit Club girls and organise to catch up before or after. Even better is that the membership allows you to change the city you are based in so you can book into classes while you are traveling or away for work. It costs $99.00 per month with unlimited access (so you could work out all day if you wanted- you freak!).

Want to hear a little more about the studios? Below are some of the experiences I have had using Classpass across Perth. It can be hit and miss as to what will be right for you, if you like the instructor and so on. Part of the process is finding what works for you.

I have visited and tried out the following studios with Classpass:

LaFit Studio Subiaco

I’d done a couple of Lagree classes with the megaformer before (in fact I wrote a post about it here). It is an intense full body workout in 45 minutes. I love these classes, they are fun, challenging and you feel that shake and burn straight away (and it does not stop). It is great to walk away feeling like I have really pushed it but am not over exhausted.

Yogaworx Cottesloe

I am loving these 90 minute classes. I feel like in them I gain a far better understanding of yoga, of how and where I can stretch my body and how to engage with my core. Wendy is amazing. I’d been told about her, but honestly I feel like I have hit a jackpot in finding this woman. The classes I have been going to are a Vinyasa Flow, which allows enough time to go through the movements, push myself and be aware of taking my mind on a little break from the worries or stress it is experiencing.

Of all of the classes I have discovered with Classpass, this is my most loved.

I have given more energy into the practice in these classes and feel a lot more rewarded for it. Actually I think most of the classes I had taken in the past were mostly yin based, so I had little understanding of how much you could push yourself with yoga. During class, I watch in awe as classmates go into inversions with complete control. This class has been one of my most rewarding, in both a physical and spiritual way.

Lifestyle Boom Pilates

I had been going to this studio for a while, so I have done ‘Better Back’ and ‘Pilates Bootcamp’ classes, which build on the reformer reps and do a little bit of a circuit. They work on specific areas, targeting the leg muscles and arms are my favourites. While I have a good range of movement, I have tighter hamstrings, so there is always a way to increase the resistance and challenge yourself. This is definitely a great way to get back into training if you haven’t done anything in a while, or a nice class to include amongst your routine.

The classes fill up quickly on Classpass at this studio, so it is good to plan ahead for the week.

Anarchy Training Centre

I went along to a Strength, Agility and Power class with the other Fit Club Perth girls and quickly saw that my regular training is VASTLY different to the weights and circuit training that so many people love. There I was struggling BIG TIME. Running up and down hills, doing burpees, swinging kettle bells and doing box jumps are usually not things I tend to do. However, after my dramatic work out (I honestly thought I would pass out and probably can’t blame the hot weather!), I wanted to try it again. Someday…


I was excited to try air yoga and aerial fusion classes! The workouts incorporate suspended athletic conditioning, strength training, stretching, yoga and pilates inspired movements. Aerial Fusion aims to help individuals of all ages, shapes and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & safe suspended environment. Rafters’ Aerial Fusion gives you an all over workout, incorporating many different fitness styles.

The first class was actually my favourite, I just felt relaxed, nervous, excited and later a mix of emotions as I did my first inversion in the sling. I even had tears roll out, I think because it felt at first so confronting but awesome at once. The classes finish with a short moment of relaxation, with dimmed lights, something that feels wonderful. I will happily keep up the Fusion classes! It’s so cool!


One of the prettiest light filled studios in Perth, tucked away upstairs off of William Street in Northbridge, Yoga Alchemy is a very handy studio for anyone working in the CBD or living nearby. The Fit Club Perth girls and I (well, excepting Emily who doesn’t get up that early!) went in for a 6:30am Rise and Shine class to get the day started. It was so quiet around, that this was a lovely was to get moving and start the day peacefully. The class we attended only had one other participant, so this is a quiet one!

Definitely a good pre-work class.

Jenelle Witty at yoga


I came in for a Power Plates class, but this studio offers a LOT of options. It is a beautiful large (air-conditioned!) space, if I lived closer I think I would pop in all the time. The power plate classes at Pure Moves are only 30 minutes (equivalent to 60-90mins on the power plates) and are good for all fitness levels and ages. It is a full body work out which promotes toning, flexibility, blood flow and increases bone density.

Again, if I lived closer, I would pop in for one of these classes daily, the massage at the end alone is so good!

So, what is next on my list? I am keen to try some Aqua classes, Rooftop Yoga and the FCP girls want me to come to a few dance classes… (sadly I haven’t seen Interpretive classes on the menu!).

Have you discovered any studios in Perth that you love? Got any you can reccomend for us? I would love to do a second post sharing what I have discovered down the line.

Got a request for me?

If you want to try Classpass for yourself, go ahead! It is $99 per month. Alternatively if you want to try it for FREE for two weeks, click the link here!

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