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How to tailor your own workout using Classpass and the studios I have tried in Perth, 80 something classes in.


Earlier this year I introduced you to Classpass and reviewed some of the Perth studios that I had tried. It is time for an update!


Classpass allows you access to all of the studios signed up, so you can log in, check what classes are available, book yourself in and try whatever you like. Inevitably you can find what does and does not work for you and challenge your body with different workouts to ensure you are working on most of the muscles, flexibility and strength.

The membership allows you to change the city you are based in so you can book into classes while you are traveling or away for work. It costs $99.00 per month with unlimited access. It is international, so there are plenty of options for classes in major cities worldwide. Below I thought I’d share some of my experiences with Classpass Perth.


By now I aim to get to an average of four to five classes per week. Often I will check in with my Fit Club Perth friends to see if we can meet up at a class and grab a coffee afterwards. For the most part I am a yoga, pilates and gymnastics lover, generally avoiding cardio and HIIT training. Having said that though, I do try to do some cardio outside of classes, like running.


The main reason I avoid these workouts is probably because I felt a bit overwhelmed in some of the circuit training classes I have been to. Particularly the random classes I’d try which were full of regulars. It’s silly but I was getting in their way, being slow and struggling to grasp quite what I was meant to be doing without some coaching. This sort of class is really foreign to me, so I will have to just brave it and go till I get used to it. There are SO many excellent strength and cardio classes on Classpass so I want to check them out for you!

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Twisting Peacock Yoga

Now I am pretty lucky that this place is literally down the road from me (okay, close!). The newly opened yoga studio (it moved from Osborne Park) is one of my favourites. I have taken Vinyasa and Myofascial release, Chakhra balancing and yin classes here. Highly recommended!

Como Shambhala Perth

Vinyasa classes at Como Shambhala are some of my favourite in Perth. This BEAUTIFUL space makes me feel so happy, calm and inspired. I love Steph and her team, this is one place where you will just step into and feel like you are in a completely different environment. Trust me you will leave refreshed! Also teaching yin and pilates classes with express lunch time classes.

Box & Bike

The coolest inner city gym is undoubtedly Queen Street Gym. This place is stunning. I’ve taken a few box and bike classes here, I think I got worse as I went! The pad work is fun, fast and great for my concentration! I am not as keen on the spin part (like I said, I am a cardio whimp). There are so many box and bike classes each day, so this is a guaranteed place to get your sweat on.

Lafit Studio

I’ve talked about Megaformer classes a few times, but it is still one of my most preferred all body workouts. I just love the feeling that I am working all of my muscle groups. The aching of random muscles the days afterward are so rewarding. I shake from the beginning to the end of the class and love it!

como shambhala yoga mats with Classpass Perth
Queen Street Gym Box
LaFit Studio Subiaco Perth megaformer machines Jenelle Witty Inspiring Wit
Classpass Perth review of yoga studio Como Shambhala by Inspiring Wit blogger jenelle witty

Movement Co

I just wrote about my love for Movement Co and gymnastics classes in this post. Here you can also take handstands, splits, wall climbing, parkour, yoga and calisthenics classes. The instructors are all top top people. Honestly, I love these guys, it feels like a welcoming, happy adult gym where everyone looks out for each other. You buddy up a lot, so it becomes a bit social and I’ve never left a class not feeling friggen awesome.

Beach Pilates

I love summer yoga flow mornings with Mary-Jane down at Scarborough beach. Under the Norfolk Island Pine trees on the grass with the sound of the ocean in front of you… is there a more peaceful way to greet the day? Post swims are not optional! It’s one of the best parts!

Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreat

This tucked away retreat north of the CBD is a nice place to unwind. I took a Saturday morning vinyasa class which was a strong flow with lots of planking. After class I felt really pumping to go for the day.


Last time I talked about doing aerial yoga classes at the Rafters Mind Body Air Studio. While I have been back to the studio for aerials, I recently tried their new boxilates and reformer classes. The boxilates class was a lot of fun (though I wished I wasn’t doing it on an empty stomach!). The class pairs you up to do pad work and a bunch of pilates exercises in between. You have to give it a try! Let me know if you do! Rafters also has some really top notch reformer equipment and teach barre classes.

Ninja Academy

I’ve only done an intro class at Ninja Academy, but we were able to get a taste for the warm up, bar and floor classes while also being able to give one of the custom ninja courses a try. I LOVED that!

Last by not least…

Have you tried Classpass? Are you based in Perth and want to hit up a class with me? Let me know if you want to be a class buddy with me one day!

Are you into yoga? Or HIIT classes? Got any tips for me?

If you have any questions about any of these studios or Classpass Perth, fire away and ask below. Don’t forget you can always shoot me an email, my address is in the about page.



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