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Chanel King Street Perth

Candid talk after the MBFWA trip as I get back to ‘regular life’…


I know, you are probably sick of me by now, I mean, I have been posting a lot! I wanted to talk a little candidly after the week that was (or, rather, the ten days that were) MBFWA and my Sydney trip. As I begin to resume my regular routine (which in itself is a little irregular, but close enough), get back on top of the files of content and stories I want to share with you, here is todays brain dump. After all, this is a space I created to share thoughts and impressions as well as the regular fashion and travel content.

Yesterday we spent most of the day walking about Perth on a photography assignment, hence the food and architecture shots- it was so nice to grab a coffee from Chu and wander in sneakers in the sun. Spotted a fashion shoot on King Street and the biggest lens ever, which was tempting to run over and stick my face behind to see what it did! I think it was Simon Upton shooting- or at least I would like to think it was him, I love his work!

King Street Perth Street Style
King Street Perth
Chu Bakery

I am happy to be home, but wish I had had Mario with me during the trip. I think logistically we would have worked well together in doing so and maybe used our time better if we had had a car/ different place to stay. I also would have liked his presence to shoot photos and take some downtime with. I mean, I say this, but I am happy to have gone over and gotten my first MBFWA out of the way. If like me, you are in the industry and have meant to get over there but had always had jobs in the way or something to that effect, it can all seem SO exciting and the whole FOMO element can be killer.

I found the shows generally underwhelming and perhaps this is in part due to the fact that a lot of the ones I saw were on the same runway. It took a while for some to start and the length is short, it all ends in a blink of an eye or the extent of a single track or two. I could not believe how many empty seats there were, as every other fashion week I have attended over the years have generally been full.

I was so happy to meet a number of completely real and lovely women who’s online presences I had been following as a reader for years. Others I didn’t take to, which is fine, I expected there to be some people I didn’t feel were as sweet in person as they were online. Of course, in putting myself out there at all  and getting to MBFWA (in spite of some of the more fearful moments of knowing I was unable to perceive the outcomes), I am so happy to have created the opportunity to be apart of the industry.

Whenever I get away (which is pretty regularly!) there are those realisations that it is so important to prioritise your time and yourself. Taking yourself out of the routine is a great way to redefine how that routine works for you. I returned this time to discover that we are having to move soon (in about four weeks or so- and we have two more trips coming up in the next six weeks), so I need to be on top of it all.

No slacking!


Luckily though I have put systems in place recently that allows me to create better and more effectively. To talk business for a little bit, I am excited to be moving into a new phase. To be completely honest, which I feel I ought to be, (as I do ask you all to visit this space a lot!) I would rather be a little transparent about the business side of this site. We do make money from this site, I have been fortunate that in recent months I am finding myself more and more occupied working on projects through Inspiring Wit that pay better than my part time job in admin. Of course, it is a little tabu for bloggers to chat about their income streams, but I’ll put it out there, I aim to keep building this site and its brand to generate income- though without compromising its integrity. I take on clients who meet my standards and will not accept a job based on the pay over how I feel about the product. The less I have to work my other job the better I can build on this goal, so I thank everyone who supports us in giving me the ability to pursue this.

I met a number of bloggers last week who don’t really charge to generate content and I found this confronting. Some reasoned that they weren’t ready yet, or didn’t feel that they had the numbers yet to charge what they would like to. I get that, but I was surprised. My ‘numbers’ on Instagram for example are low and reflect that I spend a lot more energy into this space- the space I can control and build a relationship with you guys in more depth. This is not at all to discredit the value of social platforms, I use them in different ways to generate links back to here- it is a cycle! I just feel that if everyone was on the same page, there would be less confusion when it comes to valuing the work we put into a job. The nature of the blogging industry is that we all operate differently, as awesome as that is, so to each their own.

Bandana bag by Alila
Chanel King Street Perth

Of course, I have more on these subjects and Sydney to come, this is enough for now. I think the general feelings are that I am happy to have put myself out there, to have met some nice people in the same industry but that I would do things differently next time. So happy to be home! Time to go and make some soup and tidy my wardrobe… (it never ends!).




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