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tips on how to calm your farm from Inspiring Wit Perth blogger

My quick five tips to keep you calm.


I had these images in a draft post to share maybe two months ago… you can tell from the hair change right? Anyway, we shot them and I can not remember what the story was meant to be around it at all. I have posts in my draft folder from December, 2015, so do not at all be surprised if you find me playing #throwbackThursday often! (Even if I hit ‘publish’ on a Wednesday).

I thought a nice idea may be to share some of my tips to unwind.

That little book of calm

Once upon a time, I had a copy of “The Little Book of Calm” by Paul Wilson. I was a teenager, it was the mid 90s and this book was EVERYWHERE. Anyone else remember that one? Did you have a copy? Did we all? It was a tiny little book with all sorts of ‘calm’ tips.

Yes! The one from Black Books!

They had an episode of the UK comedy (I LOVE) Black Books where Manny accidentally swallowed the book and absorbed it into his body making him some sort of walking little book of calm. If you haven’t seen that episode, stream it on Netflix or Stan, I think it is on both. Seriously, do yourself the favour and watch it, it is brilliantly funny!

Point is, that book had some good tips to take on board. I enjoyed reading it, but here are some of my own:


  1. Pause

    Sit and take time to consider how your feet feel planted on the ground. Pay attention to how your body feels in the chair. Scan over your body while breathing normally and just sit, concentrating on those things for 30 to 60 seconds. Easy, right?

    I have been doing regular meditation lately and all you have to do really is pause. You can still let thoughts come into your head, you just observe them and take your concentration back into your breathing or a focus on your body. If you are freaking out, take a minute and pause. Daily meditation has been helping me to reset, focus and feel a heck of a lot calmer!

    2. Write

    I have a project coming up focusing on handwriting, to see if making time to write by hand regularly will help me to stay focused. More to come on that next week, but concentrating on what you commit to paper demonstrates more mindfulness. If there is something going on in my head repeatedly, writing that down helps me to be calmer.

    3. Read

    Honestly, read anything! I don’t care what book or magazine. Taking time to slow down and read even for a few minutes will help focus your energy and calm you down. I just placed a big order on Book Depository of those self help style books we all hear about. I intend to read through them and report back if any of the theories work, or are worth reading. Watch this space!

    4. Tidy

    I feel a lot more able to focus and stay calm if the area I am in is clutter free, clean and tidy. Sometimes taking time out to tidy can be procrastination, but a few minutes here and there is also pretty good. The last thing that you need is a curveball to come your way, for you to then panic over it and deflect that energy onto noticing a mess in your space. Keeping things tidy is a good practice in staying calm.

    5. Smile

    Do something for a few minutes that makes you smile. Think about a good memory, go for a short walk, paint your nails, make a cake, whatever it is that will work for you. Call a friend, make a joke and then get back on track. Exercising or dancing to happy music that makes you feel great works too!

How did you go? Got any tips of your own to share with us all? Have a particular song that pumps you up and makes you feel good? Or a song that calms you down? Does anyone else listen to classical music? I hope it is not just me. You can’t all be listening to Beyonce, surely! :)

Share your tips with us below! Thanking you in advance!

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