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tumblr_nlwliuptyD1qkx3nqo1_1280Actually this is a sort of a life check in / beauty update!

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I actually do not know how I got to mid May without posting any of the beauty stories and videos I have had planned! Some I had even shot and left waiting for weeks. I must have a gazillion notes in my diary/ notebooks with “POST THAT BEAUTY STORY!!!” scrawled all over them. So here we are, all ready in the midst of autumn and I am just getting around to sharing the latest in beauty finds.

I’ll be honest and say that I really do not pile on the make-up heavily, nor at all a few days of the week, I tend to stick to mostly the same routine (which I outlined here in the last post) and although I would like to, don’t always remember to give my skin/ hair that extra loving it needs. Lately though, I have made the effort to apply face masks, treatments, scrub away that little bit more and am feeling the benefits. I have even tried a bunch of products which successfully keep my forehead matte long into a late night at work, something I am stoked about. While my skin is pretty good, after ten hours or so, it can start to look a little shiny which is not ideal. I haven’t been buying many clothing items this year as my savings go towards our Europe trip, but I have gotten myself some great beauty buys that I don’t know how I managed without before!

Today, I thought I would hit you up with an overall ‘beauty’ reflection post to give you a hint of some of the products I have been loving. If you follow me on Instagram @inspiringwit you may have spotted some of these over the past few months. I will follow this up with some mini beauty stories in which I do a proper review of each item. If you see anything in here that you would like to learn more about, let me know and I can get that review going quickest. I am still planning some videos, but these will be a little different and a bit collaborative so the timing has to be just right. Stay tuned.

For now though, clearly I am now addicted to the orgasm blush and lip gloss from Nars, the Naked eye shadow pallets from Urban Decay, using the Body Inner Beauty powder from The Beauty Chef everyday and happily trying the new Coast to Coast skincare range. So many great products! More on that to come.

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