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Kora Organics products Inspiring Wit

An ode to Kora Organics and my Rimmel haul. Just some of the products I have been using over the winter months.

Rimmel mascara Inspiring Wit Wonderfull review

A brief intro to this story will tell you that, years on, I am still Kora Organics obsessed. Plus I have made this year a full year of trying out Rimmel products for cheap beauty thrills! Economics? Sure! But, they are also pretty handy products for the price too.

Read on for some of the faves below…



Kora Organics Essentials:


Rejuvenating Foot Balm. Okay, so this is a strange place to start for beauty products, but, your feet need loving too! This handy balm contains a bunch of beautiful things to soothe your over worked feet. It is also very moisturising, to combat dry dead skin cells. I have to remember to use this more often.

Daily Hand Cream, I have FAR TOO MANY hand creams! They are everywhere. Lying around my house I counted thirteen! The Kora one is by my bedside. Before bed I rub it into my hands and then cup them over my nose and take a few deep breaths.


Soothing Day and Night Cream, I LOVE the smell of this moisturiser. One of the main Kora products I have been using for years. In fact I talked about it back here. Still love it! An essential for sure!

Tinted Day Cream, I talked about this one way way back many years ago. It has stuck around as one of the main tinted moisturisers in my bathroom. Read the review I gave here.

Clay Purifying Mask, this one is one of my favourite masks. When I said I LOVE Kora, I was not kidding! And before you ask, they have never contacted me, so I say all of this as a customer, who fell in love with the brand when it was released years ago. AKA this is by no means a paid post. Back to the mask, if I want to draw out impurities with a gentle treatment, I pop this on while I am doing my daily meditation or reading.


The latest Rimmel Haul:

You have read about my love of Rimmel a few times now, with a lipstick review and some of the face, nail and tan products I used all summer. I have a new Rimmel haul to talk about this time! What can I say, when I find a brand I like, I am pretty loyal! You figured that out by my love of Kora, didn’t you?



Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara, this one contains Argan Oil and is water proof. It is definitely smooth and doesn’t clump, so I’ll be keen to test it out when it is warm enough to go swimming again.

Another one I have been trying (that is not pictured) is the new Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara. This one has a cool tapered wand brush that I have grown particularly fond of. Does anyone use a specific mascara for the bottom lashes only? Just curious. Anyway, this one is also meant to darken the lashes over time, I don’t really wear makeup every day, so I haven’t noticed.


Moving on from mascara, I have a series of the Colour Precise Eye Liners in black, white and blue. They are super pigmented, quick to dry and long lasting. I love how thin the liner brush is, I can get pretty accurate and controlled line work. While I also use the Stila Eyeliners, these are really comparable for a cheaper price.

My makeup bag is full of the Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner’s. I have them in every colour option and I use one almost every time I put on makeup now! In particular I use the liner end of the black one to line the water line on the lower lid. This creates such an easy going French style smokey eye. These are waterproof and crease proof, so they stay on all day.

This year I have also tried out the Scandaleyes Micro Liner, which has a really tiny felt tip pen. Though I liked it to start with, the felt tip dried out quickly.


One more eye product. The Brow This Way Eye Brow Duo. I have been using brow pencils for so many years now that I never thought I would go back to a shadow and wax set. This one is very pigmented and for me is quite dark, so if I am after a more statement brow, I reach for this one.

Rimmel Colour Precise eye liner Inspiring Wit


Over Summer I had been using the SunShimmer Instant Tan BB Cream, which came in handy when my outdoor glow had faded. This Winter I have been trying the SunShimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Glow. This is similar, it has a creamy texture and I’ve never had a streaky finish, but it also contains a gradual tan. It washes off easily, so it’s super handy for a drop of a hat tan/ bronze need!

inspiring-wit-Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan



Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner I have this one in Call Me Crazy, a really yellow red. A soft and easy to apply liner, it is precise and the main one that I reach for when wearing a red lip colour.

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kissproof Lip Colour. Oh how I could have used this in the past! I even wore some of the Rimmel lipsticks in my Valentine’s Day Beauty look story this year and wrote that you would have to remove the lipstick before any kissing.

Naturally, I was so excited to get my hands on these (in every shade!) They are highly pigmented and don’t tighten or dry out the lips. Plus, they are transfer proof, so are the perfect thing to wear to a dinner or a date with your partner. Trust me on this one, I made sure to test it out! ;)

My favourite shades in this range are Skinny Dipping, Play With Fire and Make Your Move.


Kora Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. I have a few of these on hand in my bedside drawer, in my hand bag and in the bathroom. They are so good! The vitamin enhanced formula contains Vitamin C and E. It is the best combat to air conditioning that destroys your soft lips! These make my lips so soft. (Please note, I didn’t remember to photograph this one!)

Perth blog Inspiring Wit street style
inspiring-wit-Rimmel Provocalips
Denim addicted Inspiring Wit


Something else I forgot to photograph, namely as I keep it in my gym bag makeup kit, is the #Insta Flawless tinted primer. This one is lightweight and contains a 15+ SPF, which is great to pop on if I feel like my skin is not glowing or I am tired.

I talked about how I loved the Match Perfection Foundations in Summer, here. Over the past few months I have been trying the Lasting Finish 25H Foundation. They are a great cheaper alternative and I use them on days that I am not going to something super fancy. Saving my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for those more fancy events. It’s a more economical way to do it! (Not pictured).


Enough from me! What have you guys been trying?

Any cheap beauty thrills? Skincare gems?

Got a good face mask or scrub to share?

Does anyone ever remember to use a foot balm?

Let me know below what you have been using over the winter months.



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