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I went into Mecca the other day to try out some new products on my cosmetic wish-list.

Many years ago friends from work would tell me to go into Mecca and try this and that product, however for a long time I used all-natural products on my skin to varying degrees of success, so I never actually went in. My current skin-care and beauty status is that I use mainly natural and organic products in my skin-care and hair, but use other products when it comes to make-up. The reason being that I tried a bunch of ‘no nasty chemical’ brands for makeup only to find them unsatisfying for finish, longevity and felt embarrassed with the results.

MECCA_COSMETICA_4550So, having done some research and having visited a Mecca Maxima store (with Mario who didn’t wish to spend a lot of time following me around as I looked at products- understandably!), I headed to the Perth Mecca store to hunt down the items I had decided to try and start with. I use the Mac Studio FX foundation which is okay, but I don’t love it- the smell reminds me of the airport tarmac, which puts me off every time.

I had the lovely make-up artist apply the Nars Sheer Glow foundation– which I really liked, along with the finishing powder (which I took home), Nars Orgasm blush and Laguna contour powder– which are currently in a set, so I grabbed that. I think both colours were good for my skin and eye-colour so am happy with those, neither are too shimmery as well. I also got the Stila waterproof eye liner and Hourglass eyebrow pencil, each of which I had read some great reviews across so many blogs I had to try them.

Upon arriving home I took a photo before the light disappeared completely, but I wanted to share the look, particularly the brow and eye liner. I have so many beauty reviews to do now! I haven’t done any in a long time and am meant to do one each month! Also the wish-list of products in my research has gotten a lot longer. Expect a lot more ‘beauty’ content, I need to get my butt into gear. I may shoot a video, just to cut some of the text heavy posts short- we shall see. (I feel like they can quickly seem so lame that I am not sure I am keen to head that way!).

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