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Inspiring_Wit_Jurlique_0375 I love roses and lavender so naturally I hunt down products that smell like fresh bunches! Road-testing some of the Jurlique product line.


Perhaps I am a little biased, given I grew up in the Adelaide hills, but Jurlique have always been one of my favourite skincare brands. I remember coveting and saving up to buy some of their beautiful smelling products as a teenager working at the Burnside Village. These days the company has expanded to the global market, has updated their signature blue and white packaging but still create beautiful products. I was recently kindly sent some of their products to try and thought that going into winter I would test their hydrating products to combat skin-drying indoor heating.



As you may know, I am in my early 30s. Something I have started to notice is the fine lines I have recently been blessed with around my eyes. While I am happy to have a few laugh lines and much prefer the years to show happiness in my face than sadness, I thought it about time to take the delicate skin around my eye area a little more seriously.

JURLIQUE Purely Age Defying Firming Eye Cream ($65.00)

This 15mL pearl-esque pump bottle is designed to help address the loss of firmness and hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines. A little goes a long way, one pump in the morning and one at night patted onto the under eye area is more than enough. My first impressions were the smell, which is lovely.

The cream includes ingredients like Baobab and Green Coffee extracts to support the skin elasticity and reduce puffiness. As you may have noticed, I have rather puffy eyes- as a child model I think I was known as “the puffy eyed one” so this is nothing new for me. It probably doesn’t help that five nights a week I finish my office job after midnight, getting to bed late and waking up too early. Anything I can use to help make some of this puffiness go down is great in my book. I am happy to say that over the past few weeks using the cream morning and night, I do feel like my eyes are looking less puffy- and would go so far as to say that at least one of the regular bags under my eyes seems to have gone.

Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. I am guessing that it would work differently on different skin, but for me at least, it sets comfortably, unlike some other eye creams which can leave the under eye area feeling taught and uncomfortable. The formula is not too heavy or light, and contains enough of the good oils like olive, jojoba and sunflower seed oil without being too oily.

JURLIQUE Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum ($75.00)

I love to use a serum under my moisturiser to make sure my skin is moisturised and protected. I love the SKII facial treatment essence for the same reason (I am waiting till I get back from my trip to buy more Duty Free as it is costly!). The Jurlique serum contains essential fatty acids to absorb into the skin and keep it hydrated which during winter is vital given we are all in and out of heating all the time. Using a serum extends the moisture keeping your skin radiant and fresh. While my skin can get on the oily side by the end of a long day, using a serum I find helps to even out the skin and lock the moisture in. It means that if I use it I find my forehead is not as shiny at the end of the night.

Again, I love the smell as I am a huge lover of roses- particularly the older varieties rich with scent, so this reminds me of calm days in the garden. Actually, I equally find lavender and rose to be very calming scents, if I am feeling stressed, this smell can calm me down right away. The formula is concentrated so one pump is enough, I pat that into my skin and wait before following with a moisturiser. I would recommend the serum 100%. It is beautiful.

JURLIQUE Rose Silk Finishing Powder ($45.00)

This product feels like the height of luxury to me. It is a beautiful minimal compact, easy to pop into your bag, smells rosey and lovely. Face powders are designed to reduce unwanted shine and refine the complexion. I dust a little of the translucent powder on my forehead over makeup with a powder brush to finish my makeup look off. I can carry this with me and pat a little more on should I need, or just if I want to feel ladylike using a powder room and compact. It is a little old fashioned but in the sweetest of ways.

I would recommend this as a nice product for anyone who feels their skin get a little shiny and wants to have a translucent back up to reduce that shine. It’s like having a friend on hand who can make sure you look your best! You can of course use a blotting paper, but this is far more fun. Plus the built in mirror means you can also check your lipstick, and do other quick touch ups!

JURLIQUE Lavender Shower Gel ($29.00)

This 300mL bottle was waiting for me on my recent trip back to visit Adelaide. I had bought it as my ‘leave at my folks house for visits’ body wash, but given we had just run out, I twisted the pump lid closed and brought it home with me. I love lavender so this light gel is gorgeous. The bonus is that it is also moisturising thanks to the oils, so it leaves the skin fresh and a little hydrated too.

Jurlique are stocked in David Jones, Myer, selected pharmacists, online and have stores including in Perth at Wesley Quarter. Jurlique are also stocked internationally in more than 20 countries.

Jurlique Store, Spa PERTH

Queens Building, Wesley Quarter, Shop T21, 97-101 William Street

Perth Western Australia 6003 Contact: 08 9486 4753

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