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My date with Smashbox Studios L.A. pro artist Will Malherbe and Smashbox haul.

I spend a fair amount of time in front of the lens and I have to make sure that my makeup can hold its own. When I got an email from Mecca to tell me that Smashbox Studios L.A. was sending pro artist Will Malherbe over to tour Australia with Mecca I booked in to meet with him straight away. I knew little about the brand, but I had heard how good they were when it came to camera ready makeup. This was all I needed to know!

I headed into Mecca in Myer Perth City bright and early and had one of the makeup artists and Will go through the brand with me to create a look for my day. That day involved spending a few hours shooting for a freelance story (for another publication) then heading home to pick up my gear and get out to another location to shoot an editorial before I started my other desk job for the evening. I needed a look that was bright, natural, would last all day and look good on set. This turned out to be pretty easy!

Smashbox is all about long lasting makeup that works under lights and of course the camera lens. The products are actually tested at the legendary Smashbox Studios in LA under all sorts of lighting conditions to make sure they deliver a flawless finish and the best colour. I want to visit the studio to check it out! It sounds incredible!

The first products the guys introduced me to were the Photo Finish Primer Water to prep and refresh the skin and the Photo Finish Oil Primer, which is a primer formulated as a lightweight facial oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase moisture. It created such a nice soft, dewy glowing base. I have to pick up a bottle of this one I don’t know why I forgot to get it!

As the foundation Will got me onto the Camera Ready BB Water, which is again lightweight and perfect for my busy day ahead. I haven’t used too many BB creams before, but I loved this. It has primer water built in and a silky texture. Will gave me a tip that I apply it only to the jealous spots – the red spots on my face, dabbing it on with my fingers. I loved this little analogy and further more the idea of not needing to cover my entire face with foundation when really it doesn’t need it all over. I’ve now been using the BB Water for a few weeks and I love how light and glowing the finish is.

I picked up the Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in nude to apply to my waterline and open up my eyes a little. I don’t sleep enough and was born with puffy under eyes, so any product that helps to make them look more awake I love! The Liners are creamy and would be great as a regular kohl too- I love the French Navy shade. Still on the subject of eyes, I was running low on brow pencil so I picked up the Brow Tech To Go which is a waterproof brow pencil on one end and a gel on the other. It is as good as the Hourglass brow pencil and obviously convenient for combining the two products in one. Finally I could not walk away from the X-Rated Mascara possibly just because the twisted tube was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Clearly I am a sucker for good packaging! It is super volumising and has a cool wand too, so I can actually recommend it on more than cool packaging!

The final product in my Smashbox Haul was the LA Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Colour which I actually didn’t realise I could use on my lips until right now… I am going to go give that a try! I love products that do more than one thing and reduce the amount of items I need on hand (particularly when travelling!). This is a creamy little blendable stick that I have been using on my cheeks everyday since I got it. I love the finish and that I can build it up or keep it light. The shade I opted for is the Mauve, which is a nice natural all rounder for my skin tone. I don’t use the sponge on the end, rather opting to blend with my fingers. The stick part broke when I dropped it already (so clumsy!), but I love it. Highly recommend.

All in all, I was really surprised by and happy with Smashbox. Will and the Mecca artists did a great job, I am at times a little apprehensive when handing over my face to be made up in case I leave feeling over done, but they completely understood my desire for a glowing, fresh face that is still natural. If you have tried any of the Smashbox products I would love to know what you thought!

photographed by: JENELLE WITTY

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