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Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0059 Given our coastline is like nothing else, it is easy to see how it inspired a natural skincare range like Coast To Coast. I have been testing out new Australian skincare brand Coast To Coast and my skin has never felt cleaner.

Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0091 Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0086 About a month ago I was surprised with a package in the mail of beautiful skincare products from Coast To Coast. All of my Christmases had come at once, as inside were a range of items from the Rainforest line, perfect for balancing my normal to oily skin. Husband and wife team Nicole and Nick Chadwick created Coast To Coast inspired by the natural landscape on a road trip from Melbourne to Far North Queensland. After years of experimenting, the low price point brand is now stocked in David Jones and combines indigenous plant knowledge with modern science to create a skin, body, hair and bath care which embodies the Australian landscape.

The range is divided into three idyllic landscape collections- Coastal, Rainforest and Outback and is formulated with a blend of native botanicals, herbal extracts and essential oils. Perfect for me is the Rainforest range which is designed for oily combination skin to create balance. While I rarely have troubles with blemishes (washing my face twice daily and always removing makeup before bed combats that!), the high concentrations of anti inflammatory and antiseptic qualities ensure that skin is regulated and calm. The key ingredient in the Rainforest range is Rosalina, a native flora that helps protect against dehydration and UV damage.

The Coastal line is designed to hydrate normal to dry or sensitive skin which is soothing and uses Tasmanian Sea Kelp which is rich in Vitamins, Calcium, Zinc and Amino Acids which boost cellular circulation.

If you have dehydrated or uneven skin tones, the Outback line uses Kakadu Plum containing the highest Vitamin C concentration known to any plant and protects against free-radicals boosting a healthy glow.

Below I am going to run down what I thought of the Rainforest collection products I have been using for a good month or so.

Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0053 Pore Purifying Cleansing Oil Rosalina and Eucalyptus ($39.95)

This is the first cleansing oil I have ever tried- as believe it or not I just assumed oils were something to avoid on naturally oily skin. Turns out there are oils and there are oils, of course they are different! The oils in oil-cleansers draw out other oils. Who knew?! This is a non-greasy formula and tightens the pores. You apply it to dry skin then rise it off with warm water. You can follow up with a non-oil cleanser as well to make sure there is no oily residue left behind, which I will mostly do if I have been wearing makeup.

I love it!!! I love the feeling, it leaves my skin super clean, it gets any make-up/ pore clogging junk out of my skin, which is so important. It also works well to get rid of waterproof makeup like mascara and eye liner, which I use a lot, so that is perfect. Seriously with a 150mL bottle, I don’t think I will go through it so fast, but this is one I will be re-buying as I love it, the super clean feeling is excellent and a great deep cleanser to have on hand.


Pore Purifying Green Clay Mask ($24.95)

I put this mask on straight away after I picked the box of goods up, it absorbs excess oil, draws out pollutants and gently tones to clean deeply. I loved the smell, it was gentle, did not set rock hard but felt relaxing on the skin, washed off easily in warm water and left my skin glowing. I have used it about once a week now for four weeks and love how easy it is to use. A small 50mL jar may not last me long enough, I think they could bring out a bigger one! Definitely a great mask for normal to oily skin.

Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0043 Lightweight Mattifying Lotion ($29.95)

Again, this is another product which contains natural oil absorbers to reduce that horrible oily shine. I have been putting this on during the day and finding that come late evening my skin is much more matte than I am used to. If you recall my last beauty post you will know I have also been dusting my skin over makeup with a facial powder to keep things matte and softly dewy, so this combination of deep cleanse, mattifying moisturiser and the facial powder is all working together really well. That is not to say that this does not deliver on moisture- it does, they organic Aloe and Lavender which nourishes dry zones and keeps things balanced. Not forgetting it also contains UV protectors so as far as moisturisers go- this is a good one for every day use particularly for oily skin.

Contour Body Balm ($24.95 for 250mL)

This smells amazing! It probably rivals the Aesop body creams for some of the best smells. Mmmm, combining Vanilla and Mandarin is a good move, it is one part smooth and velvety and the other invigorating. It contains organic Macadamia Oil (which I also keep in my kitchen and sometimes apply to my skin/ hair) to soften the skin. Alpine Pepperberry and Caffeine strengthen and stimulate circulation to reduce fluids which is where the ‘contouring’ element comes in. I am definitely guilty of forgetting to moisturise my body, so I have to keep these guys on hand to remind myself, but when the smell is so alluring, it makes it more rewarding. I haven’t remembered to use this one all that much this month, but will keep you posted on how it goes longer term. I love it in the first impressions stages, so lets start with that!

Coast_to-Coast-Inspiring-Wit_0012Overall, I am LOVING the Coast To Coast range and the benefits it has been giving my oil prone skin. I feel confident that after a long day I don’t have to go and dab my forehead to reduce the shine and am getting a much deeper clean. While I haven’t tried the other product ranges, this Rainforest collection is certainly an affordable range I can highly recommend to anyone who also wants to be a bit more confident with their oily skin. Goodbye shine! Now I want to try the rest of the range and the hair care products!

coast to coast is available as selected david jones, sephora sydney, the emporium melbourne or online here.

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