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Fashion blogger Jenelle Witty wearing a yellow linen Daily Sleeper dress for her baby shower

All the details from our simple but fun baby shower.

parents to be, Jenelle and Mario at their baby shower
Mario and Jenelle's Baby Shower sign board


We had our baby shower a couple of months ago, actually, it was on Halloween! Though, I specifically mentioned it wasn’t a Halloween theme! Before our sweet little one comes, I wanted to share a few photos and details from the day. We had just such a beautiful afternoon with friends to celebrate and see them one last time before we went into the newborn bubble. I’d obviously never planned a baby shower before, this being my first baby and it was coming at a stressful time, as I was already in my third trimester and we moved house two weeks prior. There was a lot to organise but it all worked out in the end and I was so happy to spend time with everyone.

Before I go much further, I will share that I’ve also put together a short, fun little video from the day on my YouTube channel, Inspiring Wit TV. I was definitely too busy talking as soon as people arrived to film much but I caught some snippets of the set-up. Plus once we got home, we opened up some of the very generous presents we were given while hiding from trick or treaters! haha, we didn’t have any lollies for them so we just kept quiet and hid! Next year I think I’ll try to be more organised. Though I personally hate lollies, so I’m not sure if I’ll take that back!

Floral arrangement with yellow roses and white flowers on a beige linen table cloth
What I wore to my baby shower during the third trimester
two tiered lemon and blueberry cake for a baby shower


First up, let’s talk about the plan. I wanted to celebrate with both men and women as I am not personally big on the traditional group of women getting together to play games and share birth stories. Each to their own, but I wanted Mario to feel included. So, we had a huge guest list. This honestly was so hard to whittle down. I mean, we had 100 people on the list initially, but ended up with about 70. Mainly I felt like I had to keep it smaller (though, who are we kidding, that isn’t small!) because I also wanted to ask if Mario’s brilliant friend would cater for us and I didn’t want to hit him with a triple-digit guest list!

As it was, I felt so bad that it all went so fast and I didn’t get the chance to get around to spend a decent amount of time chatting to everyone. Mario said the same thing too. Some friends we had not seen in a while and many we wish we could catch up with more often as it is! The shower was planned for three hours but I think I’d have started earlier if I was to change anything and give ourselves more time, even if I just had an extra hour.

All the details from our Amalfi themed baby shower
Mamas Jenelle Witty and Kiara King
fashion bloggers from Perth celebrate Inspiring Wit baby shower


Choosing a venue was pretty easy, though we did change our minds slightly. Having now lived in our house for almost two months, it is still not set up the way we would like and I don’t feel like it is ready for five or ten guests, let alone any more. Mario’s family gatherings already amount to twenty people, so despite my initial ideas, we aren’t even having Christmas day here anymore. We are simply not ready for that.

Knowing this, we wanted to make the most of the nice spring weather and host the baby shower outside in a park, central to Perth. Some friends were coming from an hour south and some from around an hour north, so this was a priority.

Mario’s sister kindly offered to help where she could with some shower details, including the actual booking of the venue. Yes, you have to book a park space. I mean, you could just rock up and hope for the best, but if someone else has booked the spot you told everyone to meet at, you are kind of stuffed! Also knowing it was falling on Halloween, I anticipated some community parks might have events on, which it turned out they did.

For a fee, we booked this very large space, giving us peace of mind that we had ample parking, a playground and lush green lawns with big trees. It turned out to be very hot in the sun, so extra trees would have been even better! But after a week of heavy rains, I was just happy it was a nice clear day.

Initially, we booked another bigger park, but read reviews about how hard it was to move people who had set up in the spot that had been booked and I preferred the idea of somewhere less busy and smaller. Unfortunately, your fees don’t mean anyone marks the spot or anything, so in a way, we were lucky not to have to move any large gatherings.

Floral arrangement with yellow roses and white flowers in a simple white vessel
lemon bowl decoration for a baby shower idea
lemon water glass dispenser on a wooden crate for our baby shower
minimal baby shower outfit and decor ideas with Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit


I really love the colour yellow! And navy blue. Not wanting an obvious girly pink theme, I decided to lean into some of my favourite colours. Since Mario is also Italian, I kept thinking of my trip to Capri, Positano, Ravello and all along that part of the Italian coast. Inspired by those big lemons, blue and white hand-painted tiles and Italian food (of course!), I went with an Italian Coast theme.

Plus, since I was trying to not overdo our budget (particularly while we were moving and needing new house stuff), the elements in my theme for decor were easy to find and cost-effective. A kilo bag of lemons? $4. Branches of olive leaves? Either free from our tree or a few dollars. A few pots of daisies? I think these came to under $40. We didn’t want balloons or other temporary decorations which add to environmental waste. I made sure to buy bamboo plates, cutlery and recycled cups and napkins. Again, keeping things as eco friendly as I could.

We repurposed our large kombucha jug as a lemon water dispenser and a wooden crate I’d been given a gift in as a stand. It worked a treat. Then we borrowed trestle tables and marquees and asked people to bring picnic rugs to sit on. Although we did have a few of our own and a couple of outdoor umbrellas, I was glad later when a few people brought extras to combat the direct sun and heat.

The other items I bought were linen table cloths- I just bought cheaper ones for the food tables and invested in a good quality one for the gift/ table with a little game on it. These we will reuse when we do eventually host people at our house! Those table cloths will be handy when we have Mario’s family over for Christmas at some stage.

Floral arrangement with yellow roses and white flowers
Floral arrangement with yellow roses and white flowers in white vase from our baby shower


So, I think I learned a few lessons here. Instead of ordering an arrangement from one of my favourite florists, I decided to try doing it myself. Mum came with me to the wholesaler to pick up flowers on the Friday before the shower. We soon learned that despite getting there in the morning, we still missed the rush and a lot was sold, meaning I didn’t get exactly what I was after.

I also learned that I should check the prices as I go, since I found out later that some of the filler pieces I’d picked out where some crazy price that I would honestly never buy. Since I didn’t know the name of some of the flowers, it wasn’t easy to follow their pricing sheet system. I definitely spend $80 of my budget on two small bunches of something that looked very unexciting. That was disappointing.

Since I couldn’t get enough feature flowers, we also had to revert to a trip to the garden store to buy a couple of potted flower plants I could cut from. That worked out fine but it wasn’t my plan. I did at least manage to get cheaper vessels and the flowers came together in the end. We spent as much as I would have on a much bigger arrangement from one of my favourite florists, so I doubt I would bother to try doing it myself again.

Finally, I am not as good at arranging flowers as I might hope. Mario ended up helping me to do them a lot, he did a great job. I had the vision but my execution was full of doubt, where he just got to work. They looked nice, and I was happy with the end result. All in all? In the future I will pay a professional to get this job done and delivered.

my Mum and I at my baby shower 2021
Jenelle Witty and Kiara King from Inspiring Wit and Lion in the Wild blogs celebrating motherhood and friendship
Perth fashion blogger friends Nadine, Adelle, Jenelle and Emily wearing pastels for spring
linen outfits we wore for our spring baby shower


We were so lucky that Mario’s friend agreed to cater for us, despite his crazy busy schedule. He used to run an Italian food truck and I absolutely love his food. He is so so clever! You can spot some of the food in the YouTube video, as I didn’t really snap many photos as we dug straight in to eat once it was all set up. Rather than leave a cheese board to sit outside on a warm day, we just wanted lots of delicious Italian lunch dishes, some salad and beautiful desserts. There wasn’t too much food left over, so he really nailed it and everyone loved the lunch. One advantage for me was us not having to cater or try to cook. We really didn’t have time, so this took a huge weight off of our shoulders!

Mario’s sister loves to make cakes, so she offered to make a cake for us too. In the end she made one gluten free one and another two tiered lemon and blueberry cake to go with my theme. I sent her some photos I’d found from Pinterest for inspiration and they ended up looking even better! If she reads this, thank you again Jean-Marie for all of your time, effort and help! We truly appreciated it!

I didn’t want to do alcohol or wasn’t sure if we could serve that in the park, so simply told people we would have some non-alcoholic options, though I later wondered if anyone found the drinks, as there was a fair bit left over.

blueberry, lemon and daisy themed cakes
the beautiful lemon cake for our baby shower
Jenelle Witty and Mario at their baby shower 2021 wearing linen outfits for spring
Inspiring Wit and Lion in the Wild fashion bloggers celebrate becoming mothers
Theresa, Sandy and Lisa at Jenelle's baby shower


Finally, it would not be me without a cute dress to mark the occasion! I ended up with a few options, as it was really hard to tell at this stage how big the bump would be on the day. It had been growing and changing day by day and given COVID hold ups for delivery times still holding things up, I ordered early. My dress, this beautiful lemon yellow linen dress from Sleeper came just in time. I have this one in olive green too, but sized up to a small to fit the growing bump. This one had been on my wishlist on Shopbop for as long as I’d had the green dress, so it was meant to be. It perfectly fit and better still fit with my spring and Italian coast theme.

Funnily enough, a lot of my friends ended up wearing linen and pastels too! I’ve added a few pictures with my fellow fashion blogger friends above. They really have been the best part about my blogging journey, which is now over a decade long. Mario also wore linen and I am happy to report, didn’t spill food on his outfit. This is rare! haha


There will be plenty more to come as I share the baby bits and pieces I have ordered and of course, later on setting up a nursery and more. So much more. It goes without saying that my blog isn’t going to become baby content central but much like I share beauty posts, I will work some family-based content in here and there. I can’t wait to share it all with you. If you have any questions for me, drop them in the comments below.

I just want to finish off with a huge thank you to all of the friends and family who came to celebrate with us. Our little girl is coming into such a positive group of people who will love her. Don’t miss the video for more.

xx Jenelle

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