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Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit blog Avene essentials skincare in denim outfit with white top

The Avène essentials skincare range I have been soothing my skin with over summer. Possibly the most gentle skincare I have ever tried.

I am long overdue to share with you all some of the skincare ranges and products I have been trialling over the summer. You can tell, thanks to my awkward summer arm tan lines pictured here! I’d clearly shot these photos to share my experience with Avène a while ago. I am happy to report that after a good six weeks my tan lines are almost gone! Wearing long-sleeved things to events in the height of summer was not a lot of fun! Nor were the double takes I got if I dared to bare my arms!


Over the last six months, I have tried a lot of Avène products and I am happy to partner with them regularly to share some of these over on Instagram. Actually, I have just created a special hashtag for my beauty Instagram reviews to track them easier. Follow the tag #IWbeauty to find them. I am so happy that Instagram has recently added to linkable hashtags and tags for our bios. It makes it so much easier to categorise and find images.

Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit blog Avene essentials skincare


The first product I was introduced to was the Avène Gentle Toner. This came in a beauty box as the full product celebrating one of France’s most popular drugstore beauty products. I can see why it is such a cult product. They are not at all kidding about being gentle. One thing I would say is accurate of all of the Avène products I have tried would be that they are very gentle on your skin. The toner removes any leftover makeup after cleansing without harshly stripping the skin.


My first can of the Thermal Spring Water is almost empty. It is for this reason that I have hidden it in my bathroom cupboard so I remember to use one of the other sprays and mists. The Thermal Spring Water is light and soothing. I use it to wake myself up in the morning, or through the day and on my sunburn. It definitely adds a little hydration but honestly just feels amazing.

Jenelle Witty from Inspiring Wit blog Avene essentials skincare


Foaming cleansers have always been my prefered type. Perhaps this is just what I got used to as I used them growing up. Also, I tend to get oily skin on my forehead and the foaming cleansers just feel like they clean out my pores more. The Avène Cleansing Foam is definitely gentle. I tend to use it in the morning and as my second cleanse in the evening following an oil cleanser to remove makeup. It is so gentle I’d say it would be a great one for sensitive skin.


This is another one that is almost empty already. Maybe its just a handy one to pick up but the Light Hydrating Cream has been a good everyday moisturiser. It is not greasy and oil-free, perfect for me during the day.


A more rich moisturiser, I opt to use the Rich Compensating Cream if my skin is feeling dry or dehydrated thanks to the air conditioning. It absorbs quickly and is one that I will pat into the eye area to give it a little extra hydration for a boost throughout the day. Plus it also makes a good night cream.


If I had to pick one, the Gentle Exfoliating Gel might be my least favourite product as I generally prefer using scrubs that were made of things like ground up almonds, coffee beans or something along those lines. It is a biodegradable formula so it’s not sending horrible microbeads. If anything, the gel is just more gentle than I am used to. This is definitely the perfect scrub without being too harsh on your skin. It certainly isn’t!


Have you ever tried any of the Avène products? What did you think?

It’s such a brand that comes with a huge following that I am sure most people will have tried it. It is certainly easy to see why it is such a huge French cult favourite. My Mum loves it, I know it helped to soothe and calm her skin when she has issues with eczema. In Australia they carry Avène at Priceline, sometimes you can score a mean discount when Priceline do one of their epic 40% off storewide sale days. Keep an eye out for those!


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