by jenellewitty@gmail.com

20150125_UpNorth_0018 This is pure Australia Day sun-worship really.

20150125_UpNorth_004020150125_UpNorth_0074 20150125_UpNorth_0022 Happy Australia Day all!

My Mum is currently visiting so yesterday we took the opportunity to head north along the coast and hit up a few of the beautiful bays along the way. Before the strong wind blew in (and foiled some of my hopes to shoot in the sand dunes toward the late afternoon) we got in a nice dip. While a lot of the ‘Australia Day’ business is all a bit bogan for me (sorry if that offends) an honest swim and short stint in the sun is just right.

Expect to see a little more of my Perth travel highlights on Instagram @inspiringwit over the coming days as I play tour guide. I hope you won’t mind.

Photographed By: Mario Recchia
Wearing: Surania Bikini, One Teaspoon Shorts, Ray-Bans

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