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you are at home, now what? Things to do at home to enjoy the time.

Staying in has never been more vital, so now what? At home and loving it? How are you doing?

While the world feels different from one day to the next and vastly different to the world three weeks ago, where are you at? I’m hoping you are staying positive, keeping calm and choosing peace over panic. Personally, I tend to worry a lot naturally. It’s friggen annoying! When I look back over various stages of my 35 years, I hate that I wasted so much time worrying. What a waste! What will be, will be. And whilst it feels a little helpless at the moment, this too, shall pass. What we can control is how we choose to feel, to take the opportunity presented to us to be smart, positive and follow health advice.

Over the weekend I shared my food stocking list, which really helped me feel a lot more on track, even if we only have enough supplies for a week or two. Cooking at home for all of our meals isn’t so unusual, and I work at home. Actually, if anything, I’ve come to realise my day to day routine is not unlike what other people call ‘quarantine’. Eep! My thoughts on this naturally lead to me thinking I should make more of an effort to get out when I can in the future. To make more friends and enjoy nature as much as I can. It’s food for thought.


Man, there are SO many things to do at home. Hobbies to resume, books to read, things to tidy and organise… etc. But what if you never had hobbies? Where do you even start? I’m a homebody and probably always have been, as an introverted extrovert. (I’ve taken those personality tests so many times and always land somewhere toeing the line, on the fence entirely). So, I have plenty of ideas. Hehe, I’m like “put me in Coach!!” I can’t imagine how weird it must feel to people who don’t have that.

I’d start by listing as many ideas as you can think of, doing a little ‘how I want to spend my downtime at home’ brainstorm session. Then pick the thing that stands out to you the most and start there. Go down a rabbit hole with that one thing, enjoy it, savor the task, even if it is literally watching tv shows, Youtube videos or vacuuming out your drawers. Hey, whatever it takes to get you to chill.


Alternatively, get the tasks you always meant to do out of the way first. Need to re-pot a plant? Clear out your wardrobe? Your desk hiding tons of old paperwork? Avoided your taxes? Didn’t call your family? Do that stuff then reward yourself with a more fun task. Hey, you earned it.

Time can drag at home if you let it. Or it can fly by. It’s all about how you choose to use it.

Sleep is good too. Turn off your alarm, wake up naturally, see how much sleep you naturally need. After a few nights sleeping without an alarm, your body will reset and you can observe how many hours you naturally need to function your best.


  • Read. Books offer an escape, offer knowledge, provoke thought and help calm you into a meditative state.
  • Create! It’s the perfect time to get creative. Make things, see things in a new way. Allow yourself to experiment, to fail, to succeed, try something new. Why not? You might even find a new vocation out of it.
  • Workout. Build your immune system, improve your mental health and increase blood flow and endorphins. I’m loving how many people are sharing their at home workouts on social media. It’s so motivating! Last night I joined a live workout class with a PT in Paris, along with about 80 people. It was so fun, feeling connected across the other side of the world. I workout either at home or in the park usually anyway, either with my own fitness routines I’ve put together or watching Youtube videos. I love Blogilates, Boho Beautiful, the Adidas Women Channel, Yoga with Adriene, Zanna zan Dijk, Romee Strijd’s workout videos among others.
  • Call. Just pick up your phone and ring old friends and family and chat. Check-in with one another.
  • Tidy and declutter. This is one task that people tend to put off. It’s amazing how quickly we accumulate things we forget to use. Give everything a purpose and its own home. If it doesn’t have either, it has no place, so prepare to donate or sell it when you can. My tips on clearing out your wardrobe are here.
  • Cook! I’ve read through my cookbooks, I’ve found online recipes and I’ve pinned meal ideas on Pinterest. Better yet, I have been loving cooking and having fresh, healthy meals and snacks at home.


I think the biggest thing we can take away from this global COVID-19 pandemic is the opportunity to look inward at what is important. To use what we buy, to make the most of each other, of ourselves. To take time to reevaluate what is important, to be aware and educate ourselves. It offers a chance to appreciate our freedom, our planet, each other and be grateful. I really do think it is a chance to choose peace over panic and love our lives.

Over the years, I’ve lost a number of people who were so dear to me. I’d give anything to have time with them again. In a way, those moments, which are full of sadness, worry and heartache, have also taught me that it’s important to see the bright side. Find that silver lining and hope. This situation feels out of my control but I can still have hope, which is a comfort.

If you would like to share how you are doing and what you are up to, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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