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the apps I've been using to keep up with my new year goals and resolutions

These six apps are helping me keep my goals and 2020 resolutions. They are practical and simple to use keeping me on track.

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It’s almost the end of January and ironically around the time that a lot of people drop off from their new year resolutions and goals. Today, I thought I’d share some of the apps I’ve been trying to keep myself accountable for my 2020 resolutions. Though I am usually a pen and paper girl, armed with a notebook (or admittedly, a few) of notes, lists and goals, it was time I tried using various apps to keep me on track. The apps I’ve tried are all practical, most came recommended by friends and have so far helped me maintain my routine and goals. I could go on and on about all the apps I use but I just wanted to scratch the surface.

With so many apps out there, I find it overwhelming to work out which are the best ones for me. I hope this helps you to narrow a few down and keep your goals for 2020 in check. We got this! Below, I’m also sharing a few of my resolutions or goals (as I prefer to call them) to give you more context.

Which apps to use to stay on track with new year resolutions in 2020

Tally – A simple tool to help you track anything.

Tally is an easy to use clean looking tracking app that is fully customisable. You can literally set Tally up to keep track of anything at all. Track habits, medications, spending, moods, food intake- the options are endless. Maybe you want to keep track of how much coffee you drink in a day/ week/ month/ year.

It converts the info into summarised charts and calendars for you to make notes to analyze activity and patterns. Tally is also intergratable with apple health – so you can track your steps, etc and you can even export the data to a CSV file and open into a spreadsheet. The first three trackers are free, but you need to upgrade for more. Set up reminders for anything – taking medication, standing up regularly, going for a daily walk etc. It’s all so handy!!

I have found this to be my new favourite app. It is just so practical and useful. So far I’ve been tracking a few things per day, per year or per week. Below, I’ll go into examples and why they are helpful for reaching my 2020 resolutions.

the apps I've been using to keep up with my new year goals and resolutions the tally app

Essentially, a goal I have this year is that I want to cut down on the number of beauty purchases I make. Why? Because I buy more before I use up the products I already have! The other goal is to read regularly, keeping accountable by tracking how many books I finish. Reading gives me a good digital break and it helps me sleep better. Plus I love it!

Tally per year: the number of beauty purchases & books read.

Using Tally to track beauty purchases is such a good way for me to stay accountable, as I can always see that number and am encouraged to keep it low. On the flip side, I have read twenty books per year in recent years and I want to either keep that up or read more in 2020.


Why is this a goal for 2020? Truthfully, I am not a big drinker. I prefer to drink only on special occassions or at an allocated time- like a night hanging out with friends or over a dinner. At times, in the past I’d have a glass of gin and tonic of an evening at home but I don’t need to, so I want to conciously cut that out.

Sometimes I’d drink more than one or two drinks at an event to keep people around me happy. As in, they often jokingly pressure me to have more or imply that my not drinking makes them nervous. You know what? Stuff that! If I have more to make them happy I am the one who has to deal with weight gain from the sugars, or feeling dehydrated. It isn’t worth it, even if I do enjoy the taste.

Tally per week: The number of alcoholic drinks.

So far this is my only weekly tally. Esentially, I find breaking this down to a weekly goal easiest. I have it set to a maximum of four drinks per week, which I’ve so far kept below throughout January.

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My daily eating habits are generally clean, mostly plant based with low carbs and animal products. I’m not totally gluten, dairy or meat free but have some intolerances and generally feel better limiting my consumption of animal products or processed foods. Over the festive season, I didn’t think I’d indulged all that much, but noticed I’d fleshed out a little. Though I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t overdoing it with drinks or unhealthy foods but still felt I gained unwanted weight. It meant I felt more self-concious in swimwear or crop tops but mostly I was sluggish and not feeling strong.

Wanting to feel better and get back into my workout routine, I decided to try looking into my nutrition and fitness activity more closely to understand what works best for me.

the apps I've been using to keep up with my new year goals and resolutions the lifesum app
the apps I've been using to keep up with my new year goals and resolutions

Lifesum – Personalised food tracker & calorie counter

With fourty million users, I am sure many people have heard of the Lifesum app. Downloading this is my first time tracking my food, calories and macros. The reason I wanted to download it is just to have an idea of my intake versus what I burn in a day and see if I can find any patterns. Essentially, I am using it as a food diary.

The Lifesum app is easy to use, offers meal plans, nutritional tips and reminders. So far, I’ve only used the limited free version, set to a ‘classic dieting’ plan. The free version operates more like a food diary for me, from which I can roughly gague if the food I eat is enough or too little etc. I appreciate the barcode scanner to easily track my food.

I am not aiming to loose a lot of weight (maybe just the little bit I gained over the festive season) but Lifesum is designed to help with nutrition and weight loss. Many of the tools to assist with this are through purchase of a subscription, which I am not yet ready to try. Purely as a dietary diary tool, it is very handy.

warm neutrals outfit with leather skirt
warm neutrals outfit with leather skirt

Strava Training: Activity and distance tracker

A friend kept telling me about the Strava app and finally I decided to try it. So far I’ve set my profile to be as private as I can, as I am giving it a go and slowly building up to running regularly. Though I’ve run regularly before, I’d never tracked my activity or distances. This time, I’m keeping myself more accountable and aware by tracking to see how I improve and understand the impact of my efforts.

You can use Strava to track and analyse distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. It allows you to record your route and share photos wheather you run, walk, cycle, swim or ski.

Strava offers connectivity with other users so you can find and follow friends, share your activity and opt into group challenges and so on. Personally, I’m not quite there yet. So far, I’ve gone from not running much at all in six months to comfortably running 2km without stopping then 2.6kms, then 3.6kms and so on. I’ve been really enjoying it and have loved adding more cardio to my regular workout routine.


I’ve had issues with sleeping all of my life. Insomnia has been around off and on and I HATE it. Over the last few years I’ve learned not to use digital devices before bed, and gotten into the habit of reading before I go to sleep. Actually, some of these apps I have on Mario’s phone, not on mine. As I no longer keep my phone in my bedroom, preferring to leave it charging overnight on my desk in the office. My goal is to improve my sleep and to sleep for longer too. Lack of sleep affects my mood, productivity, gut and mental health.

Taking time out in a day to meditate is one way I can keep on track and not lose my cool when I’m under stress. Mostly I just do it on my own or listen to meditation tracks on Spotify, but these guided apps are a good thing to try too.

Calm – Meditation and sleep stories

I’ve had Calm for a while now, using the free version to assist with getting off to sleep. The sleep stories help me literally to calm down on the nights where I am beyond frustrated that I’ve not yet been able to get off to sleep despite having laid down for hours. Though I tend to find the stories are too short, sometimes I do find that I nod off to them, thanks to the calming voices. The app offers breathing exercises, mood check-ins, mental fitness coaching, guided meditations and music.

Headspace – Meditation and stress relief

Another app I’ve had for a while is Headspace. Again, I only have the free version and tend to turn to it when I struggle meditiating on my own. If you haven’t tried this app or any meditation apps, (I’ve also been reccomended Smiling Mind which I’ve downloaded but yet to try), give it a go and see how you find it.

Spotify – Music and more

I’m throwing this one in here as I use it so much. While I am working out, running, working my usual creative work and more. One thing I love about Spotify is that I can listen to podcasts, meditation tracks or playlists as well as music. I create my own playlists and find myself a lot more productive with music going. It definitely helps me maintain a healthy mind!

the apps I've been using to keep up with my new year goals and resolutions

Of course, these are just some of the apps I’ve been using lately. I’ve yet to go into financial goals, or apps. However, I keep thinking of more and more things to keep adding to my Tally account. It all makes it so easy to keep track. The number of blog posts, how much money I spend on certian things etc. It’s so handy! Clearly that is my number one app so far! The same people also have a few apps for gratitude, to-do lists and so on but I’ve yet to try those.


I’d love to hear what one of your 2020 resolutions have been and how it is going? Please share with us below. Also, if you have any apps to recommend, please leave a comment with those too. It is amazing how easy it is to stay accountable if you make a habit of recording those little steps you take each day to reach a bigger goal.


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