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by jenellewitty@gmail.com
Alison Jade
I always appreciate a woman with her head screwed on right. This week I finally visited Alison Jade, cosmetics designer and founder of Alison Jade Cosmetics and brow specialist.
The first things that struck me where how easy it was to book online- and how beautiful Alison was- she is actually radiant. I think this is a testament to the idea that if you can find something you love and make it your job then your life is just more fulfilling. Her cosmetics range was born out of a desire to create light, breathable mineral foundations- back in 2008 when these were new to the market. The make-up range shies away from harsher chemicals using more natural ingredients. I had a quick look at one of her make-up artists doing a gorgeous job on her client, the colour range is really impressive. The salon is relaxed, stylish and understated.
I was visiting for a much-needed eyebrow makeover.
Alison waxed, dyed and tweezed my brows. I went through the 90s plucking my brows- as was the trend back in the day- and regretted it forever after. I have always wished they were longer and thicker and wasn’t sure anything could be done to save them. I think I even put off getting them done, blindly thinking, ‘is there much point? What could anyone possibly do to help?!’
Alison created the illusion of thicker brows by darkening them and teaching me the best way to apply a powder to fill them out. I also think they ended up a little more even- as I always felt like one naturally grew higher than the other. Saved!
I took this quick snap to share with you- but may need to get someone to shoot for me so you can see properly.
I definitely recommend the visit to Alison, she knows what is best for her clients, and you are left feeling confident and happy. I never knew there was such an art to brow sculpting- but since they really frame your face, it makes perfect sense. (Google ‘stars without eyebrows’- it’s pretty weird!)

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