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Somehow we are almost mid-November and I am working on Christmas and finding the best cyber week deals already. But taking a step back, here were the best things about October.


I am just getting this one in before mid-November!! I couldn’t skip last month’s “8 things” run down! At this point its tradition. Honestly though, as I type this, it’s an overcast Sunday afternoon and we just put up our Christmas tree. Yep. SO early! But the reason is that this week I’ll be shooting my Christmas gift guides. I’ve got about six more deliveries to arrive. There are some AMAZING things in the guides this year. There have been some squeals and jumping up and down on my part when I opened some of these exciting goodies up. So, for me, Christmas has come very early. But I am getting ahead of myself.

This month, I have so many posts to share with you. It’s really exciting! We are coming up to all the cyber week deals and sale offers, with a lot of brands starting early. Singles day sales have been busy over the past few days with offers of 25% off new-season pieces from some great brands. This week I’ll share what LIKETOKNOW.it is all about, something I’ve been finding myself explaining a lot in person lately. The shopping app makes finding things so easy! But onto the 8 things for October.


Right, well, this may have already been alluded to, since I’ve just gone over how early I have been working for November and December projects. The tasks that come before I get Christmas products are going over your feedback, statistics, and requests from previous years. Collating that info and data into my nerdy spreadsheets and schedules. Going over my email contacts and collating a spreadsheet with contact info for the brands and PR agencies I want to be working with, then sending up to 80 individual emails to those people. Buying any props I need and making sure the existing ones I have are all in good shape, then working out what shots I am going to take, making a shot list (sometimes with diagrams or a collage sheet of reference images).

This is all of course, on top of my regular tasks and projects for cyber week, my general blog and social content to share with you and other photography and copywriting jobs. Among other things. hehe So, being organised is key!


This is my new obsession. I used to stick to safe and reliable black, but once I started, I’ve been collecting some tan accessories little by little. There is a blog post all about the tan accessory love over here.


I hesitated to share this but I’ve been watching Dawson’s Creek. Yeah. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that. Chalk it up to being out of things to watch but I am slowly making my way through those painful hours of teen angst. Hours that I didn’t bother with when I was in high school myself, because after the first season I decided it was pure trash. Actually, I am not that into it now, but again, I’ve run out of things to watch and need something on in the background. On the flip side, we were finally able to finish watching New Girl, which I loved.


If you are reading this and happen to also be a blogger, I ask this of you… have you recently or do you regularly go through and fix up old blog posts? Something to consider is setting time aside once a month or once a week to focus on this. To help improve your SEO reach, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t sending tons of links to places that aren’t relevant or no longer exist. For me, this is a slow task that I try and get on top of bit by bit.

In October I also had to go back through years of old blog posts and redownload image files I’d uploaded to a third party hosting site. From there I resaved them into folders and am slowly uploading the image files to my WordPress and redoing those blog posts. Unfortunately, they were no longer showing up on my old posts due to reaching the bandwidth limit of this image hosting website.

It is slow, boring and feels unimportant since I’ve moved on. However, it gives me the chance to see how much I have grown, how my blog has grown and to fix up links, grammatical issues and delete posts too. As sad as it feels to delete some posts, (since I did work hard on them and all), having posts that aren’t relevant or don’t fit with my brand as much, it is better off for SEO purposes to delete them.


Spotify is always my friend. I’ve been able to listen to all sorts of things I used to all the time but that had been saved on my near-dead iPod. It is such a good way to find new music, new releases, and international music too. Last month I was listening to the songs from New Girl, live recordings of Arcade Fire and some nostalgic songs I added to a playlist.


When I had not one, but two new dresses arrive in late October, I dived into my receipts from this year to realise that I’d not bought any dresses since February. This isn’t all that shocking of course since I revealed back in this post that I haven’t shopped much in 2019. But, I usually order a dress or two at least for my birthday from a brand I love like Realisation Par. This year was a first where I didn’t buy myself any birthday presents or ask for anything from Mario either. We are saving up after all. Though, when these two dresses arrived and I tried them on (I ordered them with a store credit I had), I remembered how exciting it feels to have a new dress. I was twirling and dancing around the living room! They are both instant classics I will repeat wear for years, which is my pre-requisite for a dress. I cannot wait to have a chance to wear them!!


I always heart La Mer but since I recently sat down to write a blog post on all of the 2019 new La Mer products I’ve tried, they have been on my mind a lot. So check out that post if you want to read more.


In October we had the opportunity to stay in a holiday spot in Busselton, a couple of hours drive south of Perth. Though we were busy with work at the time and ended up having to leave early, we had two really nice days. One of which was spent visiting a few organic wineries in the Margaret River region we had never visited.

These included Cullen, one of the oldest wineries in the region and Blind Corner, a new very cool organic winery. Actually, we were excited to see an old friendly face as the cellar door was manned by Paul, who we had known years ago from both the Brisbane Hotel and BLVD Hotels here in Perth. Paul took us through all of the wines on offer before giving us a tour. I didn’t dislike a single drop, which is rare for me! Even their Orange wine was impressive and we have tried some doozies in the past. If you are into organic wines, please give Blind Corner a go and let me know how you find them.

That is it from me for October favourites! Stay tuned around here as I’m posting three times per week for the foreseeable future.

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