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My plans for 2021 and chatting about how Covid changed my Christmas plans.


Emotions can get us when we aren’t truly expecting them! Though I’ve been pretty cruisey (for me) over the past year, I have had the occasional moment where I felt overwhelmed or got a little teary. Last Friday I sat down to film a new YouTube video on my 2021 plans and somehow found myself in tears. Definitely not something I’d expected! I decided to keep it in the video because I feel like we all go through some ups and downs. The video is up now, linked below if you would like to watch it.

I’m trying to concentrate on building my other channels out more this year. Pinterest and YouTube both being key focuses. I feel like though I’ve kept blogging for over a decade, I put most of my eggs into either my blog or Instagram. Now I want to make sure since each platform offers something different, I am making the most of those other avenues too.

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While I was away over the Christmas break, I literally did so little in the way of work. Over the last year, I’d really concentrated on creating a lot of content and burned myself out a bit. Not that I would have admitted it! I’m generally better these days at the whole work/ life balance thing. It didn’t serve me in previous years to neglect everything over getting my work done. It doesn’t suit anyone to work 24/7! Not a surprise.

Instead, I was doing a lot of walking, reading, went for a bike ride and had a beach day. It sounds simple, but those little ways of doing nothing ended up giving me the reflective break I needed. I read old letters and journals, looked at photo albums and thought about how far I’d come, or if I’d changed much at all. Both, at once, I guess.

All of that perspective without pushing myself into resolutions gave me a better insight into what, why, how and where I see myself going forward.


Amongst the 2021 plans, are the following:

Buy a house. Move out of renting and have the option to drill holes in walls to hang pictures or paint! Renovate and custom design things as we want them. Naturally a lot of saving, planning and attention will go toward this goal.

Expand on my work with greater focus. I want to make sure I am sharing useful posts and content for you. Rather than a bit here and there, I sat down and audited the content across all of my platforms to work out exactly what you respond to the most. Down to the top 30 items you buy based off of my recommendations and the top five brands. So, though I will still share new things, I will focus on those more. Expand on those topics. These include fashion and style, beauty and makeup, lifestyle tips and home decor. Travel, I might have to play by ear a bit, given the nature of our geographic freedom.

Create tie-in video, blog post and Instagram content. I want to make sure whichever your preferred platform, you get the tips you are looking for.

Write e-books. I’ve been talking about this as a goal for AGES and I keep putting it off. Now, having done the research, I know what I want to include that I know will be useful as a guide and tool. I just have to sit down and write them!

Take online educational courses. I’ve been doing some Creator Academy classes with YouTube but also have a membership for Skillshare that I haven’t gotten around to using for years. There are so many topics and I find myself at an impasse often when it comes to things like animation, sound editing and so on.

These are just a few plans, I have many more, including some personal ones that I’d love to go into at a later date.


For now, I am just going to leave you with some of the goodness that is Adelaide, my hometown. I got so much out of wandering around soaking it all up, taking in the good food, sunsets, trees, and rolling hills. Pictured, restaurants include Hugel Wine Bar, Down the Rabbit Hole cellar door, Star of Greece, Never Never Gin Distillery, and more.

Honestly, I ate so well! We clearly fit in a lot of the spots that had been growing on my wish list to visit. I’ve still got more to try out but hopefully for those Mario can be with me to experience them too. He’s a big food lover.

If you missed my post on how I found traveling interstate during the pandemic, be sure to click back to my previous post here.

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