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I asked Monique to trade with me and pick the best of 2015 from Inspiring Wit as a recap.

To take a step back from my own work and delve into someone else’s, I tasked my fellow blogger and friend Monique of Little Miss Mon Bon to select her favourite articles of 2015 from Inspiring Wit. Of course, I have done my guest edit of her best of 2015 over here, take a look at some inspiring articles and a big year! I will now leave you in the hands of Mon for her lowdown on all the stories you should not have missed here in 2015….

2015 has been quite the year, one in which I have seen Jenelle and her blog change quite significantly. I have know Jenelle for a while now, and I would liken her to an iceberg – she is so much more than meets the eye. Quietly determined, subtly cheeky (with the odd extremely surprising outburst) and damn well talkative, her qualities that you may not see up front are what have propelled her blog to where it is at the beginning of 2016. Over 2015, Jenelle’s personal growth came through a lot in her posts (why you should do a self audit) in her dress sense, choice in beauty products/looks (coast to coast beauty) and in some of her more inspirational posts.

Giverny Money

Some of you may not know, but a few years ago, Jenelle was all about wearing brights and prints, often all together. She was a girl after my heart! Early on in 2015, strong hints of her love for colour and print came through (I still envy this outfit Everything is A-OK SOOOOOOO much!) but as the year wore on, her self-imposed shopping ban meant that less ‘fast fashion’ was popping up on the blog, and it was replaced with more well tailored, well thought out pieces, often in more muted prints and colours to allow a longer lifespan in her capsule wardrobe. A pinnacle in her style posts of the year for me include this gorgeous feminine Elliatt outfit (Flour Factory Relaunch) and the elegant simplicity of this neoprene dress (Escape To The Water).

As someone with a love for feminine outfits (can you tell by my post picks???), I find it really hard to feel like I look great in jeans and sneakers. Jenelle’s incredible ability to make more ‘tomboyish’ looks look so feminine – like this Karl Lagerfeld-esque pantsuit (Suit Up), and the humble jean and sneaker combo (Denim Week: Day One) – has me both envious and determined to find a way to make it work for me. Heck, she even manages to make the activewear (The Yoga Pant) outfit work for a day at the harbour!

Inspiring Wit Elliatt Dress
Hawes and Curtis
This year, Jenelle was lucky enough to go on a vacation to Europe. Prior to her departure, her Volvo Blogger Drive mini road-trips had me so damn excited to see the stuff we could expect to see from her and Mario in Europe. I mean, just LOOK at those gorgeous shots from when they stayed at the Mayola Manor! One thing I noticed over the year, was Jenelle’s penchant for travel photography. Her and Mario are so damn good at it! From shooting the coral coast at home in Australia, to the beautiful Lake Como in Italy and Giverny in France, I am always blown away by the beautiful travel imagery produced by this power duo.

One of the biggest transformations (well, external transformations!) for Jenelle this year was going blonde! Yep, she went from dark chocolate tones, to honey blonde in prep for her trip overseas. I get a bit of a shock looking back at brunette Jenelle (Goldwell) now that I am so used to her blonde locks, but I must say that she has the best of both worlds, looking gorgeous with both blonde or brunette hair!

I also have to make mention of some of Jenelle’s more thought provoking posts of the year. Her response to the Essana ordeal was not only a very level headed take on ‘the realness of social media’ but it also gave her, and her peers (including me), an extra reason to portray the ‘real and attainable’ sides of ourselves. Rather than bagging anyone out, it pointed out some of the flaws in prior comments that were made, and aimed to dispel the misconception that Instagram is a perfect world. Some of my other picks (and somewhat less controversial picks) were To Keeping it Real, and more educational posts about allowing yourself to learn new things, and how to network.

Knowing Jenelle and her goals for 2016, I have not a shadow of a doubt that this is going to be a big year for Inspiring Wit, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more travel popping up as the year rolls on (yay for us readers!). I can’t wait to see what is in store, and I am even more excited to see if the goals she has come true!


Monique Ceccato


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